Keep your kids safe during Covid-19

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We have also had Covid recently and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Our kids had very little symptoms and we only tested them because we knew we had been exposed and I tested positive first. We all
got it it at different times! Meaning we had basically three weeks at home!
I got pregnant again when my first was 6 months. And had my second when he was 15 months old.
It has its positives and negatives but I’m finding it more positive over all.
It can seem quite stressful to do anything at times because when is not one that needs you is the other and nothing gets done so I guess having your other half helping 24/7 makes the difference.
They are now starting to play together and it’s a relief to know they have each other while growing up. He loves his little brother and seeing her every morning so excited to see the baby and kissing and cuddling him makes all the stress worth it.
I don’t regret it and I’m very happy that I got pregnant again so early but or could not do it if I didn’t have any help.
He also used to protest when we used the nose vacuum thing in the past when he had a cold; and it’s nothing like that with the covid tests. He joins in quite happily.

Yes, I was super reluctant to test a wriggling toddler but the swab maybe only stayed 3 seconds in each nostril and remained very superficial… that was enough to test positive !! The baby has certainly not been left traumatised by it.

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Dear Sir, I have learned a lot from reading your post. Many, many good wishes for you.

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Thank you so much dear for this important information...

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