Should we launch "Skills Diary Game" ? Visiting building site. Building a kindergarten.

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Hi everyone!!
I was travelling today to the building site and I thought about rising active users on Steem SkillShare. I got an idea to launch " Skills Diary Game". I know diary games are very popular on Steemit. I saw Steem Foods launched successfully " Food Diary". Why don't we try to launch "Skills Diary Game". You can show the process of your work, talent, skill or learning/ teaching process.

For example, if you are a builder or a designer, you can take a picture of your project and show some steps, before and after or show the hacks.

I think for many of our users will be interesting to know the some behind scenes content.

SKILLS DIARY GAME will be a diary or a journal about some professional skills or work. You must show part of your life where you do something special.



This is basically a million dollar idea.

I hope it’s implemented 😌

 3 years ago 

@milakz Isn't that a very brilliant idea to implement, there will definitely be a lot of people later with it

Wow, I can’t wait for this great initiative to be implemented. This is very perfect and accurate idea to restore the activeness of members in the community. I support the idea🤝✊

 3 years ago 

Great idea 💡👌

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I think it's a great idea!!

 3 years ago 

It’s a great act and idea.
Through this it will be possible to evaluate our daily talent.
Thanks so much dear for the post share to us

Its great idea. Its good for community and members engagement. But it should be of specific topic like share your dairy about your skills which you have done in your whole. It was my suggestion. I know you didn't need but I share my thoughts with you. Thank you.

 3 years ago 

Can we start immediately...😀😀😀

It's a nice initiative, we can start.

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