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Hello everyone @Steemskillshare community!

It's time to learn to our first session in English class herein @steemskillshare community. Free lessons will help us to develop our knowledge and get some ideas from the lesson from our teacher.

Explain in your own understanding the definition of Word

A WORD is a combination of vowel letters and consonant letters that has a specific meaning. This can use to form a sentence in a paragraph or our content here on steemit. We can describe a certain situation or things in a specific word that comes to our mind.

List down the classes of words and give 5 examples each.

Every day we are always using English grammar while posting content here on Steemit. There are eight classes of words in English grammar namely:


  • It is a word that describes a person, place, thing, or idea.
    Example: Maria, Philippines, Table, Cat, happiness


  • It is a word that we are usually used instead of a noun. So it is a word that takes place of a noun. Example: She, They, I, Me, You


  • It is a word that expresses an action, an occurrence, or state of being and it is usually the main part of the sentence.
    Example: Jump, Fight, Work, Walk, Run


  • It is a word that describes a noun or pronoun.
    Example: Happy, Sad, Patient, Honest, Violent


  • It is a word that will describe a verb, adjective, and another adverb in a sentence. This is often ended with two letters -ly.
    Example: Quickly, Bravely, Carefully, Calmly, Briefly


  • It is a word that will connect a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence. It was always followed by a noun or pronoun in a sentence.
    Example: Outside, Under, From, Across, Behind


  • It is a word that is grouped with other words.
    Example: But, Because, Since, While, Where


  • It is a word that shows the emotion or feeling of the writer.
    Example: Wow!, Oh!, Ouch!, Ah!, Well!

Explain the two classes of words.


It is a word that can be changed with the same meaning. It means that we can change the word grammatically but the outcome of the sentence has the same meaning. But some words are newly discovered because some scientific discoveries are made then new products are developed and new ideas are being explored.


It is made up of limited sets of words that are never be changed. These words do not accept new members' words. This includes pronoun, conjunction, and preposition.

Research on open classes and list about 5 examples of invented words in the field of Computer technology.

As I have said, open class is continually being expanded where there are words are added due to new scientific discoveries which are new products being developed and we come with new ideas that have been explored. In the development of computer technology, we emerge some new words like website, download, upload, modem, right-click, reboot. These are newly discovered words in the field of computer technology.

Research on closed classes and give 5 examples as well.

In closed class has never been invented a new word in computer technology but still, this word is being used like but, the, of, from, with, etc. These words are never been expanded and we cannot change the spelling. So these words have a limited number and act as a guide in the structure of the sentence.


With this class, I have expanded my learning about the classes of words that I forgot after my school days. But because of this homework I recall and learned much more about words. So thank you to our teacher sir @massachussets for the topic about English Grammar. This would help me for my upcoming post here on steemit. Also, I would like to thank the @Steemskillshare community for providing us with a community that will teach some life lessons.

Thank you,

10% payout will goes to @steem.skillshre


Good job. You have done well in your first assignment.

Great content.

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Thank you sir

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Hi @liamnov

Thank you for participating in the English Grammar class

Below is your assessment score

Quality of presentation1 / 1
Originality1 / 1
Clarity of language2/ 2
Quality of analysis2/ 2
Compliance with topic1 / 1
Grammar Errors1 / 1


Overall, you really did an excellent job in your first assignment. Keep it up.!!!!

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I can edit my tag sir

Hello dear, it’s not just about adding the tag but before you can add it you have to make about 50% power up within the 7 days period. It’s a new initiative everyone is embracing just to keep the blockchain running.

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I already do power up last week. And join #club5050 in the other community

Sorry it skipped me. I have corrected it.

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Thank you

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Thank you sir @massachussets

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