Graphic Design Class 3 | Colour and Typograpghy.

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Hello dear friends , students and amazing member of this awesome community, am so glad to be part of this good initiative, am @lhorgic from Nigeria, your “Design science Teacher”. I want to specially appreciate my fellow collegues @printskill and @niglys for the job well done for the past few days. I will also like to give a big shout out to our headmaster @atim1234 for the wonderful privilege given to me.

To our dear student @stanleynnah @dibie @chairulrizalx @hamzat @masrull @madilyn02 @christianyocte and @n-chris, @cyberking I welcome you all to this wonderful lecture that aims at building on what has been learnt so far from my collegues. Bear in mind that understanding the principles of design is key and will help you make the best out of any graphic tool you have at your disposal be it an app or software. Lets gets into the day’s business..

Have you ever been given a flier but on receiving it, you lose interest in going through it because of the write-ups and the manner by which the message in the flier was communicated? If your answer is yes then I can tell you one of the reason why you suddenly lost interest in going through the flier….one major reason is the ‘TYPOGRAPHY’ amongst every other factor.

Typography is a very important aspect of graphic design. It goes a long way in making your graphic work good and appealing to the eyes. That is why we have to understand the principles guiding this art. I will mention some principles guiding this act so that we all call learn and spice up our designs.

Principles of Typograpghy.

- Understand the usage of fonts.

There is no way you discuss typography without talking about font, you need fonts for your write up and the font has to be in line with the type of design you want to do. When designing for kid and want to get their attention, you come up with fonts that looks ‘babyish’ and not official so they can be attracted. Likewise when designing for a corporate body you don’t use ‘script’ fonts which is always stylish, it’s a turn off already for any serious minded person

- Avoid too many fonts.

Try as much as possible to avoid too many fonts when designing, its also turn off in the sense that the viewer will not enjoy transiting between one font to another when trying to grasp the message in your design. Two or maximum of 3 is fine. Personally I prefer using a font with Family(a single font expressed in bold, extrabold, medium etc).

- Understand how to leverage on space

Learning about space and how it works with typography can help spice up your work, always give room for space, your types must not be clustered. A white space in your design can help pass your message effectively .

- Alignment.

Alignment makes your types well organized, you can either align your content to the right, to the left or even center it, it all depends on how you want it to look like, not having a definite direction for your content will make it look messy and unappealing to your viewers. In summary, alignment positions the eyes of your viewers.

- Size.

Ensure you give priority to what matters in your design, make sure you give appropriate font size to a particular type you would love your audience to see, which is usually the bait. In short, give priority to the type/word that matters in your design

- Use correct Grammar

Don’t just include types, ensure what you wrote is correct, any slight mistake you make might be a turnoff to your prospect , not doing it right might discourage him or her. It might mean ‘INCOMPETENCE’ to them.

These are just few of the tips I would love to share as touching this aspect. Of course be prepared to get me more principles to broaden your understanding. Lets move to colours and how it can give more life to our designs.


Colour in design is key, let me refer to the examole I gave initially. Another reason why someone will lose interest in going through a flier is ’Colour’ usage. The type of colour you use in communicating to your audience can either make them stay one more sec to digest or discard your information. People are becoming impatient these days, anything that doesn’t look like what they want to see will be discarded without a second thought, so as a creative/ graphic designer, you must be able to use colour as a tool to wiln your viewers, you might need to adopt a bit of psychology, colour pscology to be precise… smiles.

Types of colour.

Colours has types, all colours are not the same ,they have been categorized and as a graphic designer you should be able to differentiate between these colours based on their categories and also to use them effectively, you should also able to understand how to combine them and use them to compliment each other.

- Primary Colours.
This colours are said to be basic colours and are very original, meaning they were not derived by mixing two or more colours together. Example of these colours are RED, BLUE and YELLOW

- Secondary colours.
These colours are derived by mixing two primary colours together. When this is done the result includes ORANGE, GREEN and PURPLE.

- Tertiary Colours.
These colours are derive when secondary colours are mixed with primary colours. What you get in the process are Blue-green, Red-Orange, Yellow-green


Colour Psycology

Every colour has a message it passes across and can even determine the mood of your viewers. That is why it's called colour psycology.Let’s take a look at few of these colours.


  • Energy
  • Passion & love
  • Danger e.t.c


  • Enthusiasm
  • Youthfulness
  • Creativity e.t.c


  • Calm
  • Trust
  • Intelligence e.t.c


  • Nature
  • Growth
  • Harmony e.t.c


  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Spontaneity e.t.c


  • Power
  • Elegance
  • Sophistication


  • Simplicity
  • Minimalism

It is important to mention at this juncture that white and black cannot be referred to as colour technically, they are used to control the intensity of colours either by tinting it or giving it shades. For example when you mix white with red, you get Pink likewise mixing black with orange can create Brown. See image below for more information.

Colour Code.

Colour codes can be referred to as the identity of a colour. You will agree with me that colours can look alike and not really be the same because of the slight difference they posses when compared. In oder to identify colour and also replicate it, you have to locate the code which are always denoted in 6 aphanumeric values called Hex (i.e BFD400, FF5800 etc ). See image below for more. See image below for more information.


Image source

The beauty of Graphic design centers more on how much you understand it principles and also how creative you’re. I tell you there is so much to learn in this season, I will encourage all student not to miss any class all through this season. There is so much to say but it’s expedient I leave out some things so that you can find them out yourselves and get better. It is not always good to limit ones self to what he has been taught. Do explore as a good student.


Understanding graphic principle is not optional if you really want to come out with good designs,do not also limit yourself to only what is being taught here, we are only trying to open you up and broaden your knowledge about the subject matter. We wish you the very best.

Class Assignment 3

(1)In your own word, explain what you understand by Colour & Typography

(2)Mention 5 colours and what they represent just like you were taught in this class.

(3)Research 3 more fonts each for the following font categories

  • Script
  • Serif
  • San serif
    A short note + screenshot on these categories will be appreciated.

(4)Create a simple design showing your understanding about this lesson.
You can use an app i.e pixelab or software like coreldraw/photoshop. However you’re not limited to these graphic tools.


(1) Give your post the title ; Graphic Design Class 3 | Colour and Typograpghy.
(2) Your assignment must be submitted in steem.skillshare community
(3) You have to also tag me in your post for me to easily access it.
(4) Plagiarized content will not be considered
(5) Use hashtag #lhorgictask
(6) The deadline for all entries is 20th of September.

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