Walk in a Christmas village of Loule in Portugal. Tour guide @ crypto.lion

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Hi Steem Skillshare and Steem Travelers users!
I saw the post of partnership between this two communities. I would love to apply as a tour guide.

Tour in a Christmas village

🌟 🌟 🌟

As soon as you arrive to the city of Loule by bus from Faro airport. You will find yourself in central bus terminal exactly in the city center and all the attractions will be within walking distance.

Loule is a charming village with a lot of small streets that are typical for Portuguese style city design. All the streets in Portugal have special pavement. That looks like a row of small stones. They are not so practical and they can be slippery but they are distinctive part of Portuguese cities.

You are going to walk with me all around city center and see and feel the atmosphere of old traditional Portuguese Christmas atmosphere. This year the decorations feature the music and all reindeers that are made of light have different musical instruments.

While Santa is playing piano right in the center of all music show.

After I walk you around all the musical performers, then we will enter Santa's 🎅 village.

Santa's village is beautiful and joyful. It has a lot of characters from Santa's stories.

You can enjoy all the activities for free and no long lines.

I can show you Santa's house. And you can take a photo inside it.

The tour will be fun with a lot of interesting experience.

I am going to charge you 10 sbd for the whole tour.

Welcome to Loule!

The whole tour will last 1 hour, then you can have a nice dinner in a local restaurant.



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Wow! Very beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

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