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Understanding Visual Communication Design.


Visual Communication Design is one of the design sciences that aims to study the concept of communication through various media such as images, a collection of letters, videos, interactive media, and other visual media so that the purpose of the communication conveyed is well received by others or as the recipient of the communication.

Some people confuse Visual Communication Design with Graphic Design; however, Visual Communication Design and Graphic Design are not the same thing, because Graphic Design is a subset of Visual Communication Design, and the meaning and application of Communication Design is quite broad.

Source Image

Thus, Visual Communication Design may be defined as the art of communicating messages using visual language in order to inform, influence, and modify the behavior of the target (who sees the visual form) in line with the desired purpose. Graphic shapes, signs, symbols, illustrative pictures/photos, typography/letters, and so on are all examples of Visual Communication.

Becoming a Visual Communication Designer necessitates not just ability, but also comprehensive knowledge and abilities in the processing of Visual Communication in order to assess a problem, develop answers, and address the problem in visual form.


Functions and Roles of Visual Communication Design


Visual Communication Design has three primary functions, which are as follows:

  • Identification methods.

A product or company can be identified based on the message or idea of the product or company, so that the product or company has an identity, reflects the selling value, and has its quality, and this is where Visual Communication Design can identify a product and convey it in visual form, resulting in products and companies that are easy to recognize.

Source Image

  • Information and Instruction Facilities.

source image

Have you seen the above infographic? The message shown in the infographic above will be regarded valuable if it is communicated to the appropriate communicant and under the appropriate conditions, as well as in an understandable format. The information was then presented rationally and consistently. A Visual Communication design must also be instructive and communicative, as well as simple to read for people of all backgrounds. As a result, this visual communication must be global. And here's another example, as shown in the image below:

Source Image

What comes to your mind when you see this picture? Yes, of course you will believe that there is an ascending road ahead, that's the function of a Visual Communication Design, where you can give information to other people without having to communicate directly.

  • Presentation and Promotion Tools


source image

Would you like to gift this shoe to me? #affable.

How are you guys with this poster? what do you feel when you see this poster, of course you will chase the 40% discount, right? not because these are Nilke shoes, but you are influenced by the visual communication conveyed by this poster, which makes your thumbs want to hit the “SHOP NOW” button.


source image

And what if you see a picture of this shoe? Of course the picture above makes you more interested, right?. Such is a Visual Communication design that also functions as a Promotion and Presentation Tool, not only about the product, but once again that this Visual Communication design has a very broad scope.


Visual Communication Design Elements


As a visual communication designer, we must grasp the aspects of visual communication design since this is critical in order to express the information effectively and avoid any miscommunication.

Only a few visual communication designers are truly fluent in all of these areas, but they place a premium on the capacity to visualize. Of course, a visual communication designer must be conversant with these components.

And here are the elements of visual communication design:

  • Color

Color is an important element in a design, because with color it can make objects in a design come alive and color can also convey messages and can clearly distinguish the nature of visual forms.

And the color in practice is divided into 2 types, namely additive color (RGB) and subtractive CYMK.

Source Image

  • Texture

Texture is a property of a surface that can be felt and has a role to be able to create a sense in a design and texture is also divided into 2 parts.

  1. Real texture is a texture that can be seen and felt directly and cannot be represented. Example: sand, walls, leaves and all elements that can be touched.
  2. Visual texture is this texture is just a visual manipulation of the real texture shape

source image

  • Typography

Typography is a means of organizing letters such that they can be read while also having design value and maximizing reading comfort.

Typography is a technique for converting spoken words into written (visual) form.

source image

  • Illustration

Illustration is a method of processing an image or graphic form that explains and can identify a message to be conveyed.

source image

  • Shape

Shape is a fundamental design element; shape, when combined with images that may convey meaning, provides us with instructions for handling information. These forms, too, differ and have diverse meanings. In general, there are three sorts of forms in graphic design.

  • Abstract shape

Abstract form is a change from simple form from natural and stylish. This shape can always be found anywhere and easy to identify,


Source image

  • Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are structured symmetrical shapes. These geometric shapes are for example, rectangles, cones, circles, triangles and so on.

  • Natural Shapes (organic)

Natural forms can be found in nature, such as leaves, fruit, mountains and others.

source image

  • LINE

A line is the basic element to build the shape of a design, we certainly often encounter dotted lines, solid lines, and dotted lines.

source image


And This is the First Lesson in Season Two of this Graphic Design Class. I hope you can understand it well.


Before completing this homework, I suggest you first read the lessons given. so that you can complete this task well




  1. Briefly explain in your own words, about Visual Communication Design
  2. Explain the Difference between Graphic Design and Visual Communication Design.
  3. Mention the Scope of Visual Communication Design.
  4. What fields of work require Graphic Design
  5. Choose one of the images below, Identify the banner by
  • What Elements and Elements are used,
  • Communication You Want To Convey
  • Type of Design (Promotional, Informational, or other types)
  • the Focal Point of the Image,
  • Strikethrough based on the visual hierarchy used

For a clearer image, you can download it here:

    1. Conclusion


Assessment Terms:


Task 1: 10%
Task 2 : 15%
Task 3: 15%
Task 4: 10%
Task 5: 40%
Task 6: 10 %


Homework Requirements:


  • There is no plagiarism, if there is plagiarism, it will be muted from the community
  • Posts Must Set Payout at least 10% for Community Curation account @steem.skillshare
  • Tasks should not be less than 300 words.
  • Tasks must be written in the Steem Skillshare Community.
  • The assignment will end until the Class Report has been published.
  • Use hashtag #atim1234-lesson1
  • Assignment title must be : Graphic Design Class Assignment - 1st Lesson : Visual Communication Design By @yourusername

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What Elements and Elements are used,
Communication You Want To Convey
Type of Design (Promotional, Informational, or other types)
the Focal Point of the Image,
Strikethrough based on the visual hierarchy used

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