The Arc of Tanaka Ryunosuke

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Haikyu To The Top Season 2 has most definitely been an Arc where Tanaka shines the most and we clearly see how he feels on the inside being the AVERAGE person he is. It's no secret that if we look at the starting lineup of Karasuno almost everyone has some Superhuman ability whether it is Hinatas quick reflex and jumps or Kageyamas Accurate Setting and Concentration, all in all, we also see that Tanaka and Sawamura are good but compared to the rest a tad bit Normal. So when I watched this Episode I was so overjoyed as a lot of us are AVERAGE or just Barely above Average and Tanaka clearly shows in a clip that is around 150 seconds that being Average is ok but giving up thinking you are just Average is not.

What's Lame isn't losing the Match, It's being Scared of the Match

This is one of the lines Tanaka says in the Episode and there is much more similar to this one I have to say that each and every second of that timeframe feels freaking amazing. During the 150-second clip, Tanaka said these words

I'm pretty sure I am a normal Human Being especially when it comes to my Build and Abilities. When I was a kid I was convinced I was a Genius, I even thought that as a Middle Schooler hell I still am convinced that I am a Genius, but I'm probably never going to be 180 cm Tall, I'm confident in my Atletic abilities bit on our Volleyball Team I'm not Number 1 in anything at this point in time but that is not enough reason for me to quit, nor is an excuse. Actually, I don't really think about such Stuff but about once every six months when my mentality nosedives into Negativity I end up thinking I am nothing but AVERAGE.
But Still, my average self do you really have time to look down like that?


And after this dialogue, he roars and delivers one of the most important clips of the Season if not the best clip from Haikyu. The perseverance of Tanaka knowing he is just AVERAGE and still willing to go the distance was something absolutely Stunning and it gives me Goosebumps even when I see that scene repeatedly. The entire Season was a culmination of the development of Tanaka and I am very glad that the writers of the Anime took every single character into consideration and developed them throughout the Anime Seasons. Of course, Hinata and Kageyama were the centerpieces of the Anime as they are the Protagonist but it always feels good when we see Character Development across the board in any ANIME.


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