I am So Bad at Gifting

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I don't know why but when it comes to buying gifts for any ocassion whether it is someone's Birthday or Marriage or Anniversary I just can't make my mind for any gifts. I usually end up with buying a bouquet of flowers for most of the ocassions.

But this time I kind of stumbled across a set of Perfumes from TITAN which for some reason I thought was kind of a good gift for a Marriage Anniversary. So I went ahead and bought two perfumes each for my Uncle and Aunty and they absolutely loved it. They even called me the next day and told me how much they loved that Perfume. I have never been that glad to hear that as this might be the first time when I am satisfied with the gift I have given to someone.

PS : The Perfume for my Aunt was so good that I will be buying one more for my Mom as well.



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