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Hi Steemians, During the mid season break for diary game, we announced a Logo Contest. It was for everyone not just for Indians steemians, but all the entries I received during contest all are from Indian steemians.

I Received entries from these users...
@sahilgupta, @sapwood, @sachin08, @jyotisingh @souravpatel, @satyam1, @medha5, @ruchii, @spct and @starlord28

Everyone has tried their best and made really wonderful logos for the community, so now Its hard to choose 1 logo for community among these wonderful entries. So i have come up with an idea to chose the contest Winner by -

Community votes

We have chosen top 5 Logo For the community, now its upto community to choose the logo By upvoting for their favorite one..

1 @sahilgupta

In this creation, I have added some famous monuments of India. Also, In the national flag of India, the top band is of Saffron colour, indicating the strength and courage of the country. The white middle band tells peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The last band is green in colour shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land India flag. So that's the reason for choosing those colours in it. Also, I have added the Symbol of the Steem, which indicates that this logo is the part of the Steem blockchain.


You can check his post Here

2 @sapwood

I have kept it simple and I want to keep this post straight to the logo itself, without any description.
Of course, the theme of the logo is intended to have a reflection of India as a country with a tri-color band, at the same time, I have included Steem Blockchain and its logo to indicate that this community(Best of India) is rooted to Steem Blockchain


You can check his post Here

3 @sachin08

In this logo , There are many famous monuments of India. There is also a flag of india . Indian flag is of three colours.
Indian flag has three colours Saffron , White and Green and a 24 spoke wheel in blue colour at its centre.
Saffron colour is the symbol of courage and sacrifice.
White colour represents honesty , peace and purity.
Green colour represents faith , fertility and growth.
And the wheel at the centre of the flag represents motion or growth

You can check his post Here

4 @jyotisingh

My logo shows...
Holi colour in the background which means, India is a colour full country, we celebrate so many festival here...
So many dishes, People of different religions live here.Unity in diversity.
And yes our national animal lion included in this logo because lion is a sign of fearless behaviour. It is from Ashokasthambh.


You can check her post Here

5 @spct

JvFFVmatwWHRfvmtd53nmEJ94xpKydwmbSC5H5svBACH81bdTidqokEdTp8JitJydpg37umckybERKFd4iyqrmQBemJmrxduzwcPYmaHFe3HJapRmUeiYhq31NF47EuwPkHSMgJ7HQ (2).jpeg

You can check his post Here


  • Only 1 Vote per user is valid.

  • Selected participants i.e(top 5)aren't allowed to vote for themselves, but they can vote for others.

  • You can vote Untill 3 September 00:00(IST).

  • If you want to vote Simply write his username and number To vote in the comments section below.

  • In case, if two or more entries got the same number of votes than prize will be equally distributed among the winners.

Participants number are -
1 - @sahilgupta
4- @jyotisingh
5 - @spct

Show us your engagement on Steem blockchain!

The winner will Receive 10STEEM And all other participants who made a valid entry will receive 1STEEM Each

Results will be announced 4th September with a new announcement for New contest, Stay tuned!

Thank you Everyone who participated And supported this contest, @stephenkendal, @shortsegments, @steemcurator01

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It has made it very spectacular. Many congratulations everyone.

Hi brother. You wrote two names. One user can only for one. Please chose one. Thank you

@ahlawat vote for one please

thanks for telling! only one vote

1 - @sahilgupta

@sahilgupta has really done a good job, so my vote to @sahilgupta

Thank you.

Thank you for voting. :)

5- @spct
He is doing such a great work thatswhy i upvoted to @spct
Thank you.

Hi @veenu18 I really appreciate your time but you can only vote for 5 Selected participants which are, @sahilgupta, @sapwood, @sachin08, @jyotisingh and @spct

Hi @rishabh99946.
I think there is some mistake.. because you mentioned @souravpatel above not @spct

Oops! Thank you for correction. Now fixed!

 6 months ago (edited)

You are still at mistake..that logo is not made by @spct

Fixed already! Thank you.

Yes now its correctly done😓

Hi @veenu18 re-vote please?

Ok sure . Sorry for the inconvenience


Hello brother you putted a wrong participants username in no. 5. So i requested you to correct it. Thankyou

I liked the logo of @spct very much thatswhy i decided to [email protected]

5- @spct
@spct is doing such a good work and also his logo showing everything about historical monuments of india

Thank you for voting!

My vote to 3 - @sachin08.
His logo is looking so good.

Thank you for voting!

4- @jyotisingh

Nice logo with colors and Ashok stambh.

Thank you for voting!

My vote for 3 - @sachin08

His logo contains many monuments of India. Looking very nice.

Thank you for voting!

My vote to 1. @sahilgupta

Thank you for voting.

My vote goes no 1 participate @sahilgupta.

He did really nice work.

Thank you for voting.

3 - @sachin08
I really appreciated by the logo of @sachin08. It looks amazing.

Thank you for voting!

My vote goes to 1 @sahilgupta. The implementation of the various features such as our flag, the monuments and even Steem into a single logo is just amazing.

Thank you for voting!

I upvoted @spct because his logo is looking very nice.
Thank you.

Thank you for voting.

@spct is doing such a great work thatswhy i upvoted to @spcr

Thank you for voting N

Thank you for voting

I want to give my vote to "2- @sapwood".

He gave every necessary information in his creation. A simple and clean logo is what makes it the best.

Thank you for voting.


Awesome logo.. totally perfect

Thank you for voting!

@sahilgupta, round logo is morrle preferable.

Thank you for voting!