Mid season break | logo contest | Best of India - Win 10 STEEM

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Hi everyone, As we all know now there is mid-season break going on for the diary game season 2 which will last till 31st August so this Mini-Contest will run till until 1st of September.


So to keep everyone engaged and active on the steem blockchain I have a brought this Mini-Contest of "Logo Creation", and everyone can participate in this contest, which means anyone from any country

Rules are quite simple...

  • You must be a part of best of India community.

  • The Title of your post must be "My entry in Best of India LOGO CONTEST".

  • You must post your creation within best of india community.

  • Your creation must be original and unique, and it must contains our community name(Best of India).

  • Your creation should reflect/indicates India ( use trio colours, flag, monument of India etc.).

  • You must include #logocontest as one of your first 5 tags.

  • only 1 entry per person will be accepted.

  • You must Upvote & Resteem this post so that it can reach to maximum number of users on Steem blockchain.


  • The winner will Receive 10 STEEM and every valid entry (following all the rules and guidelines) will receive 1 STEEM Each.

  • Prizes will be increased if anyone sponsor the contest.

Stay tuned for further announcements, there's lot to come. To the attention of @shortsegments, @stephenkendal @steemitblog @steemcurator01


Thanks for announcing this amazing contest.

Waiting for your entry.

From where i can participate in this game ?

You just need to create a logo for community and post link to your post here.

Ok thanks

The Best of India team is doing a very good job.
The moderator of the Best of India team is doing a very good job for his community.
Thanks @rishabh99946

I want to take part in this contest

That's great.

Your competition is awesome. Thanks for keeping us

Thank you.

Very nice contest.

Thank you.

Heyy...I wanna take part in this contest...

Sure, make a logo post the link here. Thank you.

I love doing painting and I wanted to take part in this contest...thankyou for organizing this contest...

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