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As the diary game game is growing really fast, lots of wonderful entries are flowing every mintues, we are getting to see so much from different countries and places, so thank you everyone for joining the diary game and sharing your daily life with all of us!


Upon the suggestion by steemit team @steemcurator01 I'm here to organize this Contest Just for pet lovers on Steem And this contest will be open for everyone Means anyone can participate.

Rules are quite simple..

  • Make a post Stating all the details about your pet with #iampetlover as one of your first five tags.

  • Add some Photos of your pet in the post. (Mandatory)

  • Also add some photos of yourself with your pet. (Mandatory)

  • Also add what country you are in.

  • You can write your post in any language.

  • Make sure you add at least 350 words in your post

  • It would be great if you post Recent photos with your pets

  • Also mention my name at the end of your post, so that i get notified and visit your post instantly.

  • Also share your post entries on your social media Twitter /Facebook with #iampetlover, #thediarygame #the1000daysofsteem and #steemit also tag @steemit

  • Make sure you put links /Screenshots of social share in the comment section of your ow post.

In case, you are a pet lover but don't have a pet? Don't worry engage with your neighbors or if any of your friend have them you can simply post about them

What sort of details you have to add?

Add details like, what's your pet name?,What breed?, What sort of activities do they perform? , From where did you purchase/find him/her?, Is he /she fast or lazy? Do they listen to you when you call them? Do they eat anything special other than pet food?, what's your best memory with your pet?, Be creative as much as you can, post selfies with your pets anything.


There will be 5 winners At the end of the contest sharing this prize pool of 50 STEEM


If anyone want to sponsor they are most welcome :))

This contest is open for everyone, and will run until the end of diary game season 2 i.e 25th September

I'd appreciate every Resteem and upvote :)
Thank you for all the support :)

@cryptokannon, @stephenkendal, @shortsegments @steemitblog


I wonder where is @kiwiscanfly and his cat? Are you going to participate @kiwiscanfly :p

i spoke to Cat & he wants to enter :)

Hi steemit team @steemcurator01 is there anything else in specific that you would like us to add in this pet contest?

What a nice contest for pet lovers. 🙊 The post was already resteemed. Thank you so much for organizing this event 😍

Thank you for your support ♥️

Waiting for your entry as well..

Hi @rishabh99946,
My entry was already posted 😊❤️🙊

Such a great idea! Thanks for arranging this contest for all the pet lovers.

My kitty will be sooo grateful! ❤

That's great, looking forward to meet your kitty :)
Thank you.

Hi @rishabh99946,
You have organized a beautiful contest. There are many people on our Steem platform who love pet very much. Hopefully they will all participate in this contest and write about their favorite pet.
Thank you for organizing such a beautiful contest.

Thank you for appreciation, the idea for this contest was brought by @steemcurator01 team :)

@rishabh99946 This is a bit out of context to this post. Just out of curiosity, can you or @steemcurator1 please confirm if pets can also have profiles and participate in the diary game? (Just like how dogs have their own profiles on Instagram) XD. I'm pretty sure Cooper would have a whole lot to say about how he gets into trouble every single day XD.

I'm not really sure if petss can write :p

 2 years ago 

mmm.. Interesting. Already shared in our channel

Great, thanks dear @randulakoralage

Hello @rishabh99946 "Also add what country you are in". We have to put this into tag or where...?
Also i enjoying that you continusy organised this much contest.

You can put anything a tag or proper name at the beginning or end of your post.
Thank you.

Hello @rishabh99946,

It is really awesome contest! Pet lovers will like it.

Can I add your contest to our app?

Cryptomission is steem mobile dapp for helping people keep habits and good missions. We had some contests (getting up 6am, washing-hand, write-diary).

I think cryptomission can help users join your contes with our app easily. Because, we provide the function (taking a photo and share posting to STEEM). So people can join the mission using mobile app.

Those are example.

Thank you!

It's sounds really great, but I haven't heard about this application on Steem before? Could please tell us more about what is crypto mission and its background?

Yeah. We (M95 Global) are a new team gathered to work on a project called Cryptomission.

We started an app service that works with the Steem blockchain because we believe that Cryptomission can give users a useful motivation for making good habits by paying rewards to users based on the Steem blockchain.

Our team plans to continuously develop and expand the functions of Cryptomission app for various users across countries.

It is our introduction posting. Thank you.

Sounds great, thank you the information. For now it's not really visible on Steem blockchain. Probably you should speak with steemit team @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog so it reaches a wider audience through official announcements.

Sure. Cryptomission is willing to support @steemitblog contest projects by providing our mobile app.

We contacted @steemitblog, but we didn't get message yet. We hope good news.

These days team is really busy with the curation of diary game entries, they will definitely write you soon :)

Hello @rishabh99946 , interesting contest .. I hope to participate... Then i can share about my puppy with my friends 🤗🤗🤗🤗

That'd be great.

Thanks for sponsoring this contest. I just posted in my petsofsteemit community and tagged you. Have a blessed day.

Hello @rishabh99946, any winners announced?

it is very beautiful contest! I like it, I need your help, how can I contact you

I have listed my discord details in my profile I'm active there :)

thanks for telling! welcome

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