😊THE DAILY DIARY GAME |17th October 2021 | One of the best day of my life😊

🙏Namaste Friends🙏,
👏Welcome to my daily diary.👏
How are you all? I hope everyone doing great things. As you see in the title this is one of the best days of my life and This day has everything. This is not just a dairy post. This has travel experience with macro photography. So stay tuned for the journey.


Today's Highlights

🌻Good Morning🌻


Ealry Morning pictures of the road

I woke up at 5 AM as I planned to visit the farm so I woke up early after that I am getting ready. After that, I did my worship to the god and after that I had breakfast. For breakfast, I ate parle-g biscuits and tea. After that, I left the house at 6 AM and I preferred to go on walking to the bus depot. As I have much time and early morning walk is good for health also.

I reached the bus depot at 6:20 AM and bus timing is 6:30 AM so I waited there for 10 Minutes and bus is on time and I rarely see that punctuality but it's good and has to follow. As the bus left the bus depot as on time and my journey towards the farm is started.


Bus depot


Before sunrise view

I enjoyed the view from the window so I decided to capture those moments on my phone so I started clicking some pictures of the view.

I captured so many pictures of the sunrise but I didn't satisfy that much as I didn't capture the real beauty of the sun on my phone as the bus running it's really difficult to capture the pictures from my phone.


Finally captured best picture of sunrise

So I decided to shoot a video of the view as it was so beautiful and traveling on the highway always gives you the best shot.

Sunrise video


Sunkissed selfiee

After that, I took my selfie after a long time. This journey is make very special by the beautiful view and music and I really think that if my morning is gone this much good then what about a whole day. I am thinking about this and also clicking so many pictures at the same time.

I clicked the amazing good sunrise picture and I was really obsessed with the beauty of the sun. After seeing all the things I can't have any words to explain the overall experience.


Another Sunrise picture

After seeing the beautiful sun rays on the water of the river it gives a different feeling. I really felt that to stop the bus and just enjoyed this beautul moment. Is just an example of the beauty of nature.

Beautiful sunrise from the bridge


Another picture of sunrise

All the pictures of the sunrise are just beautiful and I can't choose which one is the better as it all shows the different shades of sunrise.

After all the beautiful scenery our bus is taking a halt at the thane depot. So I decided to take a slow-mo video if the beside bus is left the depot early and that happens so I click the slow-mo of Shivshahi and another Shivshahi is also standing there and it gives the best effect to the video.

Shivshahi bus video at thane depot

After that, I reached the farm at 11 AM and my brother is coming to pick up me at Murbad depot. After a long time, I came to the farm. Almost I mate my brother and father after 2 -3 months. I meet all the dogs.


Farm picture


John and me

John is one of my favorite dogs on the farm and we enjoyed a lot each other company. He is so happy after seeing me and he just looks at me. He is so a lovely dog.

🌞Good Afternoon🌞



My brother gives me the vada pav for the breakfast and after eating vada pav I go to refresh myself. After that, we had a meeting and decided to start a Desi chicken poultry farm and will plan to buy some more land at the riverside and will open one resort on that land. After the meeting, I go to explore some beautiful creatures for macro photography.

I really clicks so many macro photography pictures and I really enjoyed the results. Later on, I will share the best results with you all in a different post. I really enjoyed clicking some beautiful creatures. I never thought in my life I will click this clear photo of the creatures and insects.


Some example of macro photography

After that, I enjoyed the lunch with all and I really like the bhakri with chicken and I really wanted to stay on the farm for vacation as Here is we had everything. This is just a kind of high-tech farm with 24 hours electricity, wifi connection, and natural beauty. After lunch, I took a little nap.



Enjoying the lunch with all

🌝Good Evening🌝


Return journey with my brother

I had tea at 3:30 PM and I had tea but I felt a little bit of headache so I canceled to meet my bestie at thane and my brother told me that he will drive for me so We started returned journey from a different route towards home.

While traveling I saw so many beautiful things and this bridge is one of the best points I saw on my return journey.



Beautiful river picture from bridge

We reached the home at 7:30 PM after that I sleep for 30 minutes and after that, I goes to the saloon and this was I am visiting the saloon after 6 months and this new look of the hair is quite giving me good looks. I send my photo to my bestie and she was pretty impressed and but also angry with me as I canceled the plan to meet her and she is going to the village for the month and we did not meet after the lockdown.


New Haircut



I had dinner at 9:30 PM and in the dinner, I ate chicken biryani with fried fish and salad and after having the dinner I talked with my mom and brother and after that, I go to sleep. This is how I spend my day.

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All the photos included in the post belong to me.

If you want to know me better, here is my achievement 1

Thank you for reading the post and watching my picture



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Thank you so much for your support

You have clicked the all pictures are very beautiful. @mayureshpandit. nice post from your side. keep posting.

Thank you so much for your compliment

You enjoy your day and watching natural Beauty is amazing.

Yes, it was an almost perfect day. Thank you so much for reading my post

You clicked a very beautiful pictures thanks for sharing with us.
#india #affable

Thank you so much

Parle g biscuit in the breakfast ,good to read it.We have a lot of memories linked with this parle g.The old school days.Anyways a good diary to read.i really enjoyed your post.

Thank you so much for your appreciation

Very nice post your, pic collection is great in this post.
The dinner is looking delicious.

Thank you so much for your appreciation

The photos of sunrise are looking so beautiful. Your pet name is John, this sounds so sweet. The picture of river is also beautiful.

Thank you so much for your appreciation

You are a good photographer. And I agree that every sunset photo is beautiful no matter where you take the photo.

Thank you so much for appreciation

I appreciate your style of making blogs, today's diary contest has full of pictures and well written #affable #club5050 #india

Thank you so much for your appreciation

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