Best of INDIA community administrators cheated subscribers. Do you think so?

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It is very ironic to see that @bestofindia is powering down and cashing out steem. Speculations are going on about dissolution of community for some conflict between few people who were adminstering the community. It is totally unacceptable for users that conflict over personnel issue or whatsoever be the cause ( the cause is undoubtedly not linked to subscribers of the community) has led to dissolution of the community. I would call it an attempt to decieve the people by some cowards for their selfish interests.

I hope that the people cashing out steem are aware of the fact that the community was supported by curators @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02 not because the community leaders possess some special qualities for which they were personally supported but were supported because the community caters to people from a particular country who were actively taking part in it. Community was not because of few people but all the subscribers have played their role in keeping community alive.

Undoubtedly people who were running the community had contributed maximum to the development of community but they are not the sole contributérs. Let those people who share the steem think it for a while that, should they have been the only subscribers and active users of the community, would community have received any supported. Obviously, NO. Than why are they laundering steem.

The most unethical part being the uninformed powering down. Users are still posting in the community without knowing the truth that some cunning people are busy bagging (stealing) bucks .

Very soon we will see that these people will come up new deceptive attempts in the form of seeking delegations or creating new community. Those who DECIEVED YOU TODAY CAN DECIEVE YOU TOMORROW AS WELL.Stay vigilant from fraudesters. ARE THEY TRUSTWORTHY?

Pardon me for sounding rude but I have tried to be as chivalrous as you guys (cheaters) deserve.


 last year (edited)

Don't have a clear picture of what's going on in the inside, but condemn all selfish motives to gain advantage of this situation. Whoever it is!

Utterly disappointed on the 1st day of the New year. 🥺

Thanks for bringing this to light @drqamu.

Utterly disappointed on the 1st day of the New year. 🥺

Don't be disappointed BOI is not the sole community on steemit.

 last year (edited)

Not the sole, yes. But is the closest to us all.

Yes it was but we cannot undo the situation. I am exploring the Possibility of creating a new community for indian users but i need a team of loyal people unlike former cheaters .

Yeah fair enough.

Whenever you need help, you can ask me and other people like lavanya, and others.

Actually BOI MOD sapwood is in a mood to form community as mentioned by him in one of his comment on this post. As he claims to have no clue about dissolution of community, I hope he is able to gain trust of betrayed users of BOI.

Creating another community is good idea but the same people who defrauded community members should not be allowed to enter the community again.

Basically he claims to have stepped down before the incident.

Oh! I am still delegating them .

You are right to say that they cbeated users. Moreover the steem doesn't belong to them only. It belongs to all the subscribers.

They may say that delegators were given liquid steem as curation rewards but it is noteworthy that the support that community received was all because of the users.

Those who DECIEVED YOU TODAY CAN DECIEVE YOU TOMORROW AS WELL.Stay vigilant from fraudesters.

You are right.


No they are not.

I think @steemcurator01 shiuld take cognizance of this issue.


that the support that community received was all because of the users.


I think @steemcurator01 shiuld take cognizance of this issue.

Hope they will.

Thanks for standing by.

Yes i think! There is no support from the curators... i hope they will take this matter in cognisance as soon as possible

Yes lets hope

Go for Undelegation.

Yeh sure I'll.



I am planning to launch a new community for indian users. Till than we have other communities to participate in.

Pls inform me when you create this.

I'll support

Would you plz tell me best communities for fast growing

Steemit Nursery.

Communities won't help u much unless u actively take part in different activities.

I did feel that some thing fishy was happening in bestofindia community,but i didn't try to see their activities.Their vote value was continuously decreasing.Anyways can't we find out who are the administrators of this community to report them to @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 .For me,Feeling cheated is the worst feeling ever in this world.

Administrators are known to us.

I expect curators to take note of it .

Totally coward act 😡


It's really not fair. I was thinking a few people step down but just now see the reality they have almost all SP cashout.

Stepping down of people was of least concern but what they are doing is pathetic.

This is so unethical..I used to be very active but now I feel I can't post anymore...Please suggest what to do further?

You should not give up. BOI is not the sole community on steemit. You must continue your activities with the same zeal in other communities and you will be supported. You can continue activities on your blog too.

Ok, I'll explore some other communities to continue...Thank you for your guidance .

 last year (edited)

Cheater’s cannot be our country representatives.


Yes, they should be disempowered


Nice way to milk up some great rewards and enjoy the benifits driven from it🤣. Don't know exactly what has happened between the leaders but as the community belongs to the public so do the decision. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of us.

Whatever happened but it is not justifiable to disempower a community. It is merely an act of cheating.

Other communities like srilanka, Latinos and other such communities are growing rapidly. There sp has gone upto 100k. This can only be done from the subscribers and believers of the community.

Our admins are delusional and went ahead with the short term gain over a long term work which could have given them a better reward. It would be really hard for anybody to trust these people again. Thanks for sharing this info here, I did not know about all this and powered down as I saw power down by the community account.

Our community was administered by just few people ( 2 to 3) and personal conflict between them pushed our admin into mental trauma. Instead of recruiting new people to support the community, he preferred powering down and disempowering the community and betrayed users thereby. it is the worst that can be expected from any community leader(s) and is due to centralised governance within decentralised platform.

What kind of personal conflict? One saying that they should drain the funds and others saying that they should not? or how much funds to divide between themselves? I seriously don't understand what kind of mentality are they having. Progress of community members and how they can help individuals should be their first and foremost priority. If they think they have taken funds and enjoyed for the time being then they are wrong and they are going to miss on the trust of the people and the long term support they were getting from everybody.

W3 can't guess the nature of conflict but i am of the opinion that no conflict whatsoever it was due to, would jistify disempowering a community account. It is no lesser than a theft.

they are going to miss on the trust of the people and the long term support they were getting from everybody.

Selfish people are least bothered about trust. They may be planning to come up with more nasty attempts.

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