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RE: Best of INDIA community administrators cheated subscribers. Do you think so?

in Best of Indialast year (edited)

Don't have a clear picture of what's going on in the inside, but condemn all selfish motives to gain advantage of this situation. Whoever it is!

Utterly disappointed on the 1st day of the New year. 🥺

Thanks for bringing this to light @drqamu.


Utterly disappointed on the 1st day of the New year. 🥺

Don't be disappointed BOI is not the sole community on steemit.

 last year (edited)

Not the sole, yes. But is the closest to us all.

Yes it was but we cannot undo the situation. I am exploring the Possibility of creating a new community for indian users but i need a team of loyal people unlike former cheaters .

Yeah fair enough.

Whenever you need help, you can ask me and other people like lavanya, and others.

Actually BOI MOD sapwood is in a mood to form community as mentioned by him in one of his comment on this post. As he claims to have no clue about dissolution of community, I hope he is able to gain trust of betrayed users of BOI.

Creating another community is good idea but the same people who defrauded community members should not be allowed to enter the community again.

Basically he claims to have stepped down before the incident.

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