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Dear (Steemit) Dairy,


Today is the Eighteenth Day of #thediarygame

I woke up at 4:30AM today.
I still feel a bit drowsy and sleepy. I guess it because of getting drenched in the rain yesterday.
My head hurts a little too.
I have been actively avoiding taking any kind of paracetamol and other kinds of tablets.

I attempted to study for about an hour in the morning but my headache just got worse.
I am studying for my Chartered Accountancy Exams Scheduled in November 2020.

After my family woke up, I had coffee and it made me feel a little better.

Normally I would read the diary posts of others in the morning, but today was not able to do so.
Also, I had not typed my 17th August 2020 post last night.
I still had to make sometime in the day to type my post.

After bath, I resumed to my normal daily chores of dusting the furniture, assisting my sister to sweep and watering the plants. Today mom had made puliyogare and it was wonderful to eat the warm rice in the morning.
Puliyogare is kind of like Tamarind Rice. It is basically rice mixed with a spiced tamarind paste.
It also has some fried peanuts mixed in the paste.
A packed version of this paste is available of many brands, but we stick to making it from starch.
The Ready to eat ones have to be mixed with warm rice and it’s ready to go, but it has something misssing which is filled when made from starch.

This is the google search link here

Then after breakfast My mom asked me to rest for an hour as I still looked tired.
I keep an alarm and sleep. I fall asleep instantly.

Finally I wake up around fresh and warm. I freshen up before heading back to studies.
I read for sometime, then take a break to finish my diary post of 17 August 2020.
I thought I would not have time in the evening or night as I can only spare about an hour for my post of today.

After publishing my diary post I go back to studies.

Around 4:00PM in the afternoon my mom gives me some warm turmeric milk. It’s has many benefits one of which is to keep the body warm. I normally don’t like drinking milk but I have to so that I don’t catch a cold or fever. In the current situation even the thought of fever or cold is a sin. So I drank the milk.😢

Finally night falls and my sister is home and we have dinner. Dinner was Rice and Potato Curry.
After dinner I stayed up and studied again.
Again today I will be sleeping in early. After finishing my studies I start typing this post.

So today was all about recovery for me. I should be more careful in the future to not get drenched in the rain again. Lesson of the day learnt.

Today I only studied for about 7 hours.
I could not study as much as I had planned. Hoping to cover it tomorrow.


Caption -Screenshot of my Study Tracker

To be continued...

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Cheers !!!

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Wow, reading your diary post, I got introduced to a new dish Puliyogare.

I also do away from paracetamols and pain killers, they have many side effects.

There is a significant difference between ready made things and the one that you organically make at home. Just take the case of ginger-garlic paste-- there is a huge difference between the one that you from the market and the one that you prepare fresh by blending garlic and ginger at home. The one that you make at home will always have both short-term and long-term dividends- that is health.

I am really happy to read that you are going to bed early and also getting up early. May that become a permanent habit in your life.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

#onepercent #india #bestofindia

You definitely have to try puliyogare sometime then.
It’s a classic South Indian food and you will find it on all breakfast menus here.

Thank you for stopping by my post. 😁

With 18th dairy post, you are going good in this game. Addressing so many things for a student is not an easy job and also feels like distracted, but at the same time for a student there is nothing better to write a diary post at the end of the day, that would be like a review or summary of daily studies.

Extra care and precautions are warranted in rainy season.

Thank you for stopping by my post.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

And thank you for setting your post to 100% Powerup.

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