Tell us about the cheap thrills you can have in USD 10 - Contest 3rd | Best Of India Contest Series | Contest on Steemit

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Hello everyone!

Recently, we announced results for "My favourite Indian TV Show" Contest. Once again, we would like to congratulate all the winners and thank you everyone for participating in the previous contests.

Sorry for a week's delay in announcing this contest, we have been doing some background work and meetings on various areas which will help in the growth of @bestofindia community.

Also, recently @bestofindia has achieved the first big milestone of 50K Steem Power and our next milestone is to achieve 100K Steem Power by April 2021.

Today we have brought a new contest for you, this is contest - 3rd Out of 5 series contest that we have planned to organize in a total duration of 6 weeks.

The Good thing is this contest is open for everyone, means anyone can participate.

Today we want you all to talk about the "Cheap thrills" that you can have in USD 10 In your country.


The Simple Rules

  • Resteem this post.
  • Mention your country name in the post.
  • It can be anything street food, a trip to a place or daily life stuff.
    For example - If you are an Indian you can visit Taj Mahal in just 45 INR(0.61USD)
  • Mention the cost of the thrill In USD or STEEM.
  • Only One entry per user.
  • No specific word limit, adding more details will increase the chances of winning.
  • Proof submission would increase the chances for winning.
  • This contest will run until the payout of this current post.
  • Posts must be #steemexclusive in order to qualify. (not being posted on similar chains).
  • Use #mycheapthrills hashtag in your post.


Once again thanks to steemit team for offering us Prizes in votes for contest from @steemcurator02

1st = 50%
2nd = 40%
3rd = 30%
4th = 20%
5th = 10%
These votes will be increased by 10% if the posts are set to Power Up 100% (assuming that you are not powering down at the same time).


For any questions, clarifications, etc please join the comment section.

Thank you!

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    Wait is over ...
    Another Interesting Contest . This contest is also simple and a bit difficult. I would like to participate in this Contest. 💪

    Thank You @bestofindia community for organizing this amazing and intresting Contest . 🌻


     3 years ago 

    Thank you.
    Good luck.

    Wow sounds amazing. I've some questions like how many times we can write contest. And any specific words limit?

     3 years ago 

    No specific word limit, one entry per user.
    Good luck.

    Greetings friends of @bestofindia.

    Interesting contest, I will prepare my presentation.

    I hope there will be a good number of participants.


     3 years ago 

    Thank you, will look forward reading your post.
    Good luck.

    One extra rule we are now applying for the @steemcurator02 prize votes is that the winning posts must be #steemexclusive.

    We will make sure that the winning posts aren't being posted on similar blockchains,we will also update this rule in the post.
    Thank you for support @steemcurator01

    Voww such a creative theme.

    For example - If you are an Indian you can visit Taj Mahal in just 45 INR(0.61USD).

    Vowww[ such a big LIE ...hahahaa....May be possible for people living in vicinity. I may need more than 4500 INR to reach there without other expenses.

    What kind of proof submission need to submit. If I m not wrong, do I need to add all the expenses that I did?.

    wow, this is a very good contest, thanks to this community for supporting small accounts and making these contests possible.

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