BestOfIndia Community received support of 35000 SP so far, thank you! We welcome new delegators!steemCreated with Sketch.

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We are very excited to announce that, we have received 35000+ STEEM POWER delegation so far. @bestofindia is really thankful to all existing and new delegators for their continuous support and believing in our vision to make this community self-reliant.


Below is the list of delegators till date.


Delegators, SP delegated and Last Updated delegation date


Delegators, SP delegated and Last Updated delegation date



Come, join us, delegate your SP to earn 100% curation reward. if you are an author delegate and post on a regular basis, engage with others to become a beneficiary of the BOI reward pool(which is being contributed by @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946 @sapwood, setting 10% of the benefactor reward to @bestofindia account). The curation reward will be distributed on the 8th of each month, proportional to your SP.


October 2020: Distribution of Delegator's Reward

Please see more details related to Curation Reward Update & Distribution of Delegator's Reward for Oct 2020 here.

How do I delegate?

Please refer this tutorial which explains how to delegate Steem power to using Please use @bestofindia in To account field while adding/editing delegation.

Please feel free to ask your question/queries in comment section related to delegation and distribution of curation reward. We would be happy to answer all queries.



Upcoming Contest

We are going to announce a contest on or before 26th November 2020 which will be open for everyone. Stay tuned!

Thank you @steemcurator01 and The Steemit Team for your guidance and support. Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions.


Thank you delegators:
@cryptokannon, @anroja, @lavanyalakshman, @sahilgupta, @sapwood, @jyotisingh, @neerajkr03, @rishabh99946, @ansaf, @sduttaskitchen, @isha.ish, @dharamps, @arjunparihar, @kamranrkploy

For any questions, clarifications, etc please join the comment section.


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    I am so happy to delegate our Indian community.

    Keep going.

    Steem on

    That is great news.

    Best of India is leading the way on building a self-sufficient community.

    Thank you

    The Steemit Community

    Thank you so much @steemcurator01, it wouldn't have been possible without your support. We really appreciate all the efforts and support you are doing.
    We hope to reach 50k SP by the end of the year

    Thank you Steemit team for all the support.

    Thank you so much for the continuous support.

    Steem on.

    Excellent progress on the delegations!

     2 years ago 

    Thank you Steemit team for supporting us.

    Congratulations. Hopefully BestOfIndia Community reach 50000 sp soon.

    hello sir , i want to ask a question. i see that there is written delegator on few people profile as they have delegated to BOI but why no tag like this in front of my name.
    thank you

    Hi @kamrankploy thank you for delegating to @bestofindia community account -

    We were not aware of your delegation.. I'll provide you tag right away.
    Thank you for supporting.

    thank you i ll Delegate more in future

    Please reserve minimum 25 to 50 SP for your account so that you will have some resources which is required to publish post.

    I'll delegate some sp in your account right away so that you can keep posting. Next time make sure you keep at least 25SP so that you can post regularly.

    that's ok , i got enough steem for publishing.
    don't worry.
    thank you

    Good to hear that our community is making progress.
    Delegated 500 SP. Let me know about my delegation status.

    #onepercent #india

    Thank you for delegating to @bestofindia

    I like Indian community. I am so happy to delegate @bestofindia.

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