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Since the announcement of the Best of India community, we invited delegations from the newcomers as well as from those who seek investment opportunities through delegations.

In the month of Oct 2020, we reached out to the individual Steem users in the Indian community, motivated them, encouraged them to build their SP, to consolidate in one account. Some of the users turned on to this proposal and delegated their SP. We also get delegators from outside the Indian community.

Best of India gives 100% curation reward to its delegators.

So before going into the details of the delegator reward, I would like to express my gratitude to all the delegators on behalf of the BOI community for helping us to build this community.

In the month of Oct'2020, we keep on receiving delegations, consolidated to @bestofindia. So here is the list of the Delegators, SP, date of Delegation.


Please note that for those who keep on adding delegation more than once, the figures given in this table to be read as cumulative delegated SP.

As different delegators have delegated on different dates, we have calculated the Effective Monthly Weightage of SP for each delegator.

Effective Monthly weightage of SP-Delegated

From the above table consider the case of @neerajkr03,

@neerajkr03 has delegated 1053 SP on 12th Oct, 1254 SP(Cumulative 2307) on 13th Oct & 300 SP(Cumulative 2607) on 17th Oct 2020.

So 1053 SP remains in curation effect for 20 days, 1254 SP remains in curation effect for 19 days, and 300 SP remains in curation effect for 15 days in @bestofindia account in the month of Oct 2020.

=> Effective Monthly Weightage of SP-Delegated by @neerajkr03 to BOI= [(105319)+(125418)+(300*15)]/31
= 1593.10 SP

Please note that the @bestofindia account has its own SP as well, as it is receiving a 10% benefactor reward, contributed by the three CRs from India. It also generates the author's reward from time to time through various contest announcements, updates, etc. For that, we have taken the median value of the SP for @bestofindia account as Effective Monthly Weightage of SP in this calculation. At present @bestofindia has 2069 SP. The median SP in the month of Oct 2020 is calculated as 881 SP.

The total curation reward generated in the month of Oct 2020 is 180.4 SP.

So after calculating the Effective Monthly weightage of SP for each delegator, we calculated the percentage share of each of them out of the total curation reward generated and finally the curation reward earned by Delegators through BOI community.


Based on Oct 2020 curation reward, the projected APR stands at 19.66%. We try our best to maintain good curation efficiency, but our objective is primarily focused on helping the newcomers, curating them, guiding them, ultimately building the community. Keeping this objective intact, we also strategize the use of SP to make the curation efficient.

We have already distributed the delegator rewards to the respective delegators. We have used Steemyy to distribute the delegator's reward.



List of Delegators


That's all. Thank you again for delegating to the BOI community, we will continue working hard to build this community.

Steem on.

BOI Channels:-

For any questions, clarifications, etc, please join the comment section.




Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are the original works of @bestofindia.

The post payout is set to "Power Up 100%".


Guys, It shows that we are on right track to build a strong community.

Let’s put our best effort, guide / help each other, recruit more people with different skill skills and be active to achieve the 1M STEEM POWER milestones within the planned timelines.

Thank you Steemit team for all your support and guidance and helping us to make it possible.

Goal for self sustainable community is possible when all the members are working on the same track, we are on the right track, it's great to see so many people delegated, indian community is growing stronger we will rock here 😎

Great work on this, and a good model for other countries to follow.

Rather than having to power down to pay out the shares of the curation rewards to delegators would it work to do an extra post (or two) on the @bestofindia account set to 50/50 to get liquid STEEM.

Would the numbers work on that approach?

Thank you from the Steemit Team

Yes, that will be the best solution, and thank you so much for this idea. I think we need to post at least 3 posts with 50/50 to cover the delegators' reward and remaining we will go with 100% power up. That way we will keep on consolidating and building SP.

At the moment we are working on recruiting more people, we believe that the recruitment should continue regardless of what the challenges or initiatives are, that's a dynamic thing and in that process we might find some hidden trasure like neerkr03 through Newcomers program. It is a different thing that some will stay for the long run, some may not, but it should be a continuous process. And once we have 100 active people or more in BOI, every contest will feel like a contest, more competitive.

Thank you again for supporting the BOI community.

Steem on.

We will look out for the posts to support.

Maybe you could post a regular list of all active Steemians in India on the @bestofindia account and we could support that as well.

Ok, we will do that.

Thank you.

Best idea, we are actually doing many background works, I'm in touch with some dormants they will be active again asap and they will also set their post into 100% power up, we will update you further into upcoming reports.

Thank you for all the support @steemcurator01, much appreciated.

Hello , my name is kamran and I am from Delhi , India. Can I also post under best of india community. Someone told me that i need to delegate some power here in order to receive rewards.
I don't have much steem power , can someone please tell how much i need to delegate in order to be eligible to post here and earn rewards.

Thank You

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