Best of India community Updates regarding many concerns.

in Best of Indialast year

Hello everyone, Due to some unforseen circumstances we couldn't post much of updates in our community, everyone has their bad days now they are now over and we are back again with some updates regarding our community.


Recruitment of new Mods

Mods plays a significant role in running a community In a effective and efficient way. Due to some unforseen issues Sapwood Is no longer a part of Best of India community, we would like to thank him for his service Throughout the year.

We have Recruited new Mods to help run the community, many of your are already familiar with these names.

congratulations to the both of you.

@starlord28 is already a mod of Best of India and is helping with background work in the community.

Contest and other Updates

We haven't posted anything for a while now, but In a few hours from now on we wil be publishing a new contest in our community with a generous reward, can you guess what it will be about?

updates Regarding Pending Delegations

We have already Distributed the Pending curation delegation rewards for the month of September and October meanwhile November and December curation rewards will be sent to the Delegators very shortly. Sorry for the delay.

Booming Support updates.

We are already giving Booming support to everyone in the best possible way but you there's are higher chances when...

  • You take part in club5050 and other related Initiatives.

  • Since we share 100% Curation rewards, we would like to ask everyone to put @bestofindia As 10% beneficary, People setting beneficary will have higher chances of getting booming, @bestofindia and @steemcurator07 support.

Stay curious for our contest which will be coming out anytime soon.


 last year (edited)

Hello, @bestofindia team,

Without going to what has unfolded here, I would only like to make a claim to my delegation reward. I continue to delegate 1.5K of steem power to this community and so far there is no announcement which suggests that delegation reward won't be paid to delegators thereby meaning we are entitled to what is due to us. Please pay reward without further delay.




Hello @aasifwani. I have stepped down from the MOD position for a while now. I have been calling out this issue with BOI and the moment I couldn't see any changes, I decided to stop. I have now moved on to focus on my developer role here on Steem. If you don't hear back from any of the other 3, I would highly suggest that you remove your delegation.

Back when I was a MOD, I was informed that the power-down would stop once the delegator rewards are distributed. However, since that did not happen I decided to exit.

PS: None of the funds that are currently being drained out of BOI have been transferred to me. I haven't received all the delegation rewards either. Additionally, for the time period, I was a MOD here in BOI, I only had access to the posting key and nothing else. Now I don't have control over any keys.

 last year (edited)

Thanks for the impartial service rendered by the learned professor @Sapwood I wish him a best of luck,God may give him all his blessings.
And heartily welcome to the new Mod s :))) I hope they render their new opportunity in impartial way and I wish both of them all the best

Heartiest congratulation to @prakhar9675 and @dharamps 🎊

Thank you.

Thank you mate. 😄

Congratulations to @prakhar9675 & @dharamps
Hard wrok pays one day with such opportunities.

Thank you

Thank you mate. Yeah now we have opportunity and we will give our 100% .

A big congratulations dear @prakhar9675 and @dharamps. Hope, your coordination will rock the community.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you. Yeah I hope our coordination will help us to make this community even better.

CONGRATULATIONS @prakhar9675 @dharamps

Thank you mate. 😄

A Very good decision for the right time, Congratulations to our new moderators @prakhar9675 and @dharamps and wish you all the best

Thank you 😊

Thanks for the update @bestofindia.

And many congratulations to the new mods @prakhar9675 and @dharamps

Hope we will be taken our community to new heights.


Thank you @rishabh99946 for this opportunity. I will surely give my 100% and I hope our coordination will also be beneficial for our community.

Congratulations 🎉 @prakhar9675 ,
@dharampsfor this opportunity.

Thanks for such a good information I will set 10% beneficiary @best of India community in every post from now onwards♥️

It's really nice to give 10% @bestofindia as it helps to build the stronger community

Warm welcome to @prakhar9675 and @dharamps
Hope with their mentorship BOI will see a new height. Congratulations! 👏👏👏 to both of you and team #BOI and @rishabh99946

And please visit my post and support me
Thank you

Congratulations to both new Mods and I hope good development happening in the BOI community in near future.


Many many greetings from @printskill

Thank you for the update.And surely i ll set @bestofindia as 10% beneficiary for my upcomming posts.
And i used to get @bestofindia votes almost on every post but since a while,@bestofindia does not vote my content ,i do not know the reason,whether i am not complying with the community guidelines or something.

 last year 

dont worry we are back now!

Thank you very much .♥️

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