The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - What A Week!

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Huge shout out to our featured member of the week this week - @maddogmike

An awesome guy that you should really reach out to and get some lottery numbers from him ;)

What a crazy week it's been...But at the end of the day, all we can focus on is this community and continuing to create and engage with each other!

Everything else...Will sort itself out :)

If not....We will always have the relationships we built and the exciting times we've shared.....LOL

Thank you so much for making CTP such an awesome place to grow and build!

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Go for it Mike! Just keep building, the potential of this Blockchain and community is huge. Just last week I reached the 30.000 sportstalk tokens mark. I add all I can get to my stake, since sportstalk has a bright future ahead of it. Just like ctp!

For ctp tokens I just reached 550 tokens. So that's not that much yet, but I can see the momentum. 10k ctp, here I come 😜

Awesome man....Congrats to that! Yeah I'm a big fan os STS!

Thanks 😊

Another great member @maddogmike as the featured member of the week . Give him a follow you won't be sorry. Crypto will go up and down till it becomes more main stream, all we can do is just keep on keeping on. Build build build its that easy.

That's it man...All we can worry about, because the price doesnt make any sense LOL

Well done again on a great show Jon, and well done to Michael, he deserves taking notice of, I see him blogging every day, he gets it :)
and quite frankly the cost of crypto doesnt bother me, I have had massive windfalls and massive waterfalls, lol, it goes up and down like lifes experience, without the lows we wouldnt know the highs and without the highs we wouldnt learn from the lows

Yeah man, I feel the same way. Sure I'd love for Steem to be 5 bucks lol But I'm DANDY with it being low to accumulate more.

Going to reach 1k soon with your tribe.

That is awesome man, thank you very much for your support!

Oh, yes... Mike Dell is definitely the man of luck! Gotta ask him for some good lottery numbers... I think that he won those 3-4 time IN A ROW! lol

And regarding STEEM and all the craziness, I promise I will take it easier... Because, you are right... It is about the people, and not some forks, whales or market volatility...

You and me both. I get frustrated with the lack of understanding the powers that be here don't understand keeping things simple...But I need to remind myself, it's 3-4 years old...And on Facebook when it was 3, the highlight was 'the Poke button' LOL

Still young here...

Thanks for a great video Jon, and really nice feature of Mike, the luckiest man alive, and he's crushin it with 2020vision.

And awesome post yesterday about focus on what we can control, creating our own journey ahead and building community and engagement in CTPtalk, wherever CTPtalk goes in all this drama that's where I will be.

Just a heads up about Tron though, I have been paying quite a bit of attention to what has been said in the Tron telegram, now they are not speaking for Justin Sun of course, but they think he wants to make a Tron based Steem token and move all content onto the Bittorrent BTFS, which is what all other dApps are in the process of doing that they have acquired so far, but that it would be voluntarily and not forced and that's why he didn't use his stake, yet.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Way above my pay grade lol I don't think witnesses would go for it as it was pretty evident this past week. Justin wants the community, that's what he 'bought' into. And to do that, he needs to convince the Steem community what he's about...Who knows what will happen.

Great post Jon, thanks for the feature this week I think I used up all my luck for now lol

The value of money weather it be crypto or fiat is always going up and down and always has, if you worry to much about it you will go crazy. Best just to ride it out and see where it goes.

Community is key they are the knowledge base and support group everyone should be drawing from.

That's exactly it man. It's what makes Steem so attractive to me...The people here and the relationships that can be formed when you put in the effort.

Great video Jon. It really showed me how much I have to learn. I have so much to learn that some of the comments made no sense to me. All I can do is keep learning and trying. Thanks for all you do.

Oh man, I've been here since 2017 and I'm still a noob! Still learning every day :)

Congrats @maddogmike.

Yes, communities is NEW and somewhat confusing at times, but so is any new technology that is growing. Lets just ride the wave and hopefully the TRON STEEM questions will become more communicated and resolved. We need less drama and more community interaction.

Yup....And even after all this week's drama...I'm still hopeful

Well done maddogmike. I need to win the lotto, please give me some magic numbers. Good Job maddogmike.

lol he's the guy to get them from for sure

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