Terp Test - 1st Edition - Blueberry Muffin

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A friend of mine occasionally holds canna-taste testing events near his farm, showcasing and providing samples of all the varieties of phenotypes he has recently been growing. Usually these events are held in person, and similar to wine tastings. Tables are set up with different phenos, cuts, and labels for each respectively. Each sample is usually provided a letter to keep the name a secret. The purpose of this is to prevent the name of the pheno from influencing each guest's sampling perceptions - this keeps things strictly sense oriented.


Each guest is also a judge for the various cannabis samples, and is asked to fill out a form detailing their experiences with each flavor (photo of our filled out forms below the video - DO NOT look at them until the video is complete). The flowers are judged based on smell, flavor, potency, appearance, and then are graded in an overall category. Guests are also asked to compile a list of their top five samples (in this case four), first based on appearance only, and then their overall top five picks.


We have helped with gardening on this farm on a few occasions, but this was out first time hearing about and being invited to one of their canna taste testings. We we honored to oblige. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions, we were not able to experience popping our taste testing cherry in a group social setting, but were instead given a take home version to execute privately. Others that would have been guests of the event were also blessed with this take-home charge.

Canna Taste Test Pheno - Blueberry Muffin


This version of the taste testing involves only this one pheno. We are testing the nuances of each separate cut. Same pheno - 4 separate plants being tested. My friend that hosts these is a botanist and a hardcore geneticist/breeder - always pheno-hunting for the most vigorous and juicy varieties to breed.

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Cut #1


Cut #2


Cut #3


Cut #4


The following video documents my version of this Cannabis farm's taste test. I will update here with the name of the farm after I am cleared to do so by the master grower (::update:: farm name: Thud Buds). Please enjoy this video outlining the nuances of the flavor profiles, comparisons of bud structures, and variances in potency and levels of overall phenotype accuracy vs. originality characteristics.

cannabis div 2.png

Click pic or link below to play my canna-test video for Blueberry Muffin

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Here is my filled out judge form



Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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