The 50 Power-ups Challenge Day 14: 100 Steem powered-up #SPUD4STEEM

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As pledged, my goal is to hit 25K SP by December 2022 as you can read here:

Today, I enter Day 14 of my journey to power up at least 50 times before the end of the year by powering up 100 Steem moving my SP to 10,286.717 Steem as you can see in the image below:

I’m over 25% gone with my journey and look forward to becoming a #TrippleDolphin by September.
If you're inspired, you can join me let's get to another level before the year ends.


14 down, 36 more to go!

The 50 Power-ups Challenge DayAmount of Steem Powered-up
Day 1220 Steem
Day 282 Steem
Day 3100 Steem
Day 4128 Steem
Day 5148 Steem
Day 6100 Steem
Day 7110 Steem
Day 8130 Steem
Day 9102 Steem
Day 1050 Steem
Day 1145 Steem
Day 1280 Steem
Day 1330 Steem
Day 14100 Steem

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 2 years ago 

🎉🎉🎉 higher higher 😁

Lets call it 1% my friends


Look at how this account is growing which is all down to YOUR hard work

This is SPUD4STEEM May 2021


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