Steem Cameroon Contest - My Short Movie Script (Week 3) : Justice For ; Beating And Molestation Of A Teenage Girl. //01/02/2023

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Hello Awesome Steemian's ,

These are my utmost warm regards to all , specially for steem Cameroon for this nature of contest. Though myself never do plot a movie script before , since it's within me to participate . Sure I believe am going to do my best by getting follow the given contest directive . As per how to do go about it . Through the contest body guide . And most special regards to steemit ecosystem, for making the blogging platform possible .

Here is my introduction post

This my first participation , so let get on .

About Justice

Justice : This can be mainly refer to be just , fair and right in acts . And Justice is more about equating and balancing through an act of judging . Of which judgement can be set to determine among two or more people, who by reason or reasons knownable to them. Purposeful to judge and reward punishment to the guilty person's or people.


Miss.Lovian :- Mainly she would be the teenage girl who later get molested , by a long term sexual advancing man.

Amadon :- This going to be the man with a strong sexual desire to have , miss. Lovian.

Mr. Ledson :- That's the miss. Lovian father who did seek Justice for her teen daughter.

Mrs.Lariwon :- She's miss. Lovian mother's who work closely with miss. Lovian father , to make Justice prevail over her beloved daughter's situation.

Sgt. Ankanka :- He's the police personnel trusted by miss. Lovian's parents , to effect an apprehension or arrest the heartless man known as Amadon .

Movie Plot

Now let get through the movie in writing form :

The movie get start off with viewed of both Mr and Mrs Ledson talking and advising their beloved daughter , miss .Lovian to always maintaining carefulness in her outing and closeness to male gender . That , whenever it's off public and well visible area . And should always put on smiling face , because it would so much help her lots over her medical discovered situation. As she was once diagnosed on a heart attack or cardio vascular illness

Not longer time Mrs . Lariwon who is miss.Lovian mother , instructed Lovian to go get some groceries from a close by store . Located off their street , she did excused her father . And her father immediately admitted that , he hast been done advising her . That she should keep on being a good girl , which everyone do know her to be .

While she gets on her way to a groceries store , man who for a long term did crushing up on her . Worked up hurriedly and called her by name Lovian can't you fine me . Because she is a very funny type and never did emberrases any guy before in her life.

So , she get stopped and greeted him and the guy by name Amadon . Tells her what in God's damn name wrong with you , whenever I did tell you to see me . Seen you adamantly get turned down , don't you know in your little world that you are getting me hurt?

Then she calmly replied oh , so sorry about that . So how are you now , hope you cool?

Amadon did said . Why should I ? Seen you bluntly turn me down most often . I never mind if you do know type of guy in me.

She replied again , that should be personal please hope am done here . Cause am on my mum's errand. Amadon then said , okay. That , personal on who you ?

She replied never mind , so when Amadon guy heard that. He hastily replied her , it just seems you do know how to hurt . Never mind !! It will soon and surely gets to my turn good day. While she passes to her mum's errand to buy some groceries.

Miss. Lovian then hurriedly get the groceries stores and but all an applicable stuffs they would be needed for 🏠 house. And returned home safely . While being around she did entertained herself .

So one fateful day while she was away all alone to see her girls friend , who also get backed for holliday like her . It was more like a date of three young girls , so there unknowingly for innocent teenage girl . That her long sexual advancing man known as Amadon is guest artist in there.

So , reason she got there was because of her others female friend's. So when this Man Amadon get sees her , how pretty she looks in there . He talked to himself , wow !! This Lovian is getting prettiest by each passes day . Okay today should be my long awaited date.

He desired to go approach her once again , but insisted immediately . And said to himself seen this Lovian girl bluntly refuses my advances on her , I should be getting her cure now . So he get on , invite two younger girls brief them . And same time get two guys on the wait and as well brief them . While he get inside one of the cartoon dumping yard.

So , as those two younger girls get by miss Lovian and friends . And right there do admiring her and desiring to have together pictures , outside the guest , bar and events holding yard due to beautiful trimmed flowers.

There in between those flowers came out , two briefed guys and go with Miss. Lovian forcefully to Amadon guy inside . Cartoon dumping yard , though it was very enclose.

There Amadon immediately notice she wouldn't take things easy , received her by hitting her very hard . And keep on beating her with help of those other invited two guys . Miss. Lovian mouth was easily covered while the Amadon guy sexually molested her.

After whole scene , her friend's searched for those two younger girls but no where to be found.

Her friends help her to her house , while her parents hurriedly taken her to the hospital . Before getting calmly request what went wrong on her. Those her friends couldn't gather much useful information , while only managed to narrated the whole story for her parents.

Immediately . Lovian father sent call across for a trusted 👮 police personnel. With the help of the police officer he was able along hospital security get to arrest the Amadon guy. While trying to leave the arena because he was a guest Artist there.

Instructed the 👮 police to keep him under a close torture.

Unfortunately miss. Lovian passed out during late night , that very day. Due to severe beating and total force on her sexually couple with her personal medical manageable situation .

When the dawn of new date surfaces the parents hurried backed , with her favorite meals that alone being main reason her mum had to leave her home with the father.

When the news got break as they even get see it themselves. The father Mr . Ledson couldn't help than to instruct his trusted 👮 police personnel to effect a balancing. And Amadon guy was equally got tormented to dead that same day during noon hour.


That acts by Mr. Ledson was his personal desired to reward Amadon guy what he truly deserved . Because he was seeking to punish who molested her well beloved daughter.

Special invite: @rezaul-420 @mukka @mehakhatti




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