Steem Cameroon MODs recruitment nominations.

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As announced in the Steem Cameroon WhatsApp Group, Steem Cameroon needs the services of two MODs (Male and female)

Nominations were opened in the WhatsApp group and the following persons were nominated for the post of MODs;

Male MOD Nominations

  1. @b-naj
  2. @elian23khan
  3. @chiabertrand
Female MOD Nominations
  1. @rosita-nkefor
  2. @wase1234
  3. @tenguhatanga

They are now required to write a post explaining why they are suitable for the role of MOD and their vision/plans for Steem Cameroon.

Their posts will be evaluated by the community through upvotes, resteems, and endorsement comments as well as the Admin team of Steem Cameroon.
This means, 50% of their score will be determined by the community members who will support their application to become MOD and the remaining 50% by members of the Admin team.

Once more, the role of MOD is a volunteer role and MODs should have good experience in steeming. They are required to be loyal and committed to building the community. Experience in CSI score and delegations review, as well as curation and mobilization for new membership, are important aspects of MODs tasks.

The MODs are hereby given a maximum of three (05) days to write their posts as well as campaign for upvotes, resteems, and endorsement comments from members of the community.

Tag @steem-cameroon and the admins to your post.

Congratulations on your nominations. It's time to tell us your plans for Steem Cameroon!

For @steem-cameroon by @thegreens


 2 years ago 

I feel so honoured to have been one of the persons nominated. It fills my heart with joy and appreciation to know that I was recognised as someone who can handle this.

But it is with deep regret and sincerity that I wish to withdraw myself from the campaign. The reason is a simple one. I will not have the availability required to perform this role to utmost satisfaction. And my dear Cameroonian steemians deserve nothing but the best.

On that note, good luck to the other nominees. I hope the person voted for will be able to serve our community with dedication.

Thank you for the trust and I apologise for my resignation.

Warm regards.
Cc: @steem-cameroon, @thegreens, @fombae, @saxopedia, @majerius

 2 years ago 

There’s wisdom in sincerity!
Proud of you!

Wish you someday get the time to serve!


 2 years ago 

Thank you sir.

 2 years ago 

Virtual greetings Steem Cameroon. I feel so honored that I was recognized as a possible candidate to be one of the MOD's of this community. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who nominated me for this position. I am hoping for your support throughout this period.

Also if I win I promise to serve our community with all loyalty and honesty while following the rules of the steemit team and the steem Cameroon community. But I can't do all these without your support. So upvote, resteem and endorse my campaign post.

Thank you all ❤️

 2 years ago 

I am truly honored to see that steemians/members of steem Cameroon deemed me fit to be graced upon with such an admirable task to serve. Even if i end up not emerging as a MOD, i trust that your judgments will be for the better of our very own community. I most definitely won't want to disappoint anyone; as such, i'll bring out the best and most true details in my post campaign. Thank you all for having me in mind, i am honored to be listed amongst reputable members of our beloved community. With this, i plea that you support my campaign post which will be available within the next 48hours. 😎

 2 years ago 

Great 😃 update @steem-cameroon. It will be a pleasure working in this wanderfull community as part of the leaders and thanks to the people who nominated me in WhatsApp group for this great role for if given to me, I will do my utmost best to be a great leader by working hard and ensuring things are moving smoothly just as before

 2 years ago 

Wow, I am excited to see the campaigns. I indeed hope the 2 people who eventually emerge victorious will truly have the interest of steem Cameroon at heart....

 2 years ago 

Who so ever is the winner I support our community and hope the person will fit the role.
Food luck to everyone

 2 years ago 

This is amazing, i wish you all the best of luck 🙌🙌🙌

 2 years ago 

This is awesome. The community is growing and this addition is timely. I am glad the nominees list is filled with fine steemians. Wishing them all the best✨✨

 2 years ago 

I wish every nominee all the best

 2 years ago 

With gratitude in my heart 🌹, I greet all the Steemians' of this great community. I don't have much to say here, I just which to say thank you for nominating me to stand for the position of a MOD in our beloved community. Please as you deem it necessary and as you trust that I can play the role of a MOD in our community, I count so much on your upvotes, endorsement comment and resteems. See you as I share with the community my vision as one of the will-be MOD of Steem Cameroon Community.

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