Steem Cameroon Communities of the Month Support Program Application

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Steem Cameroon Community Application

Community Purpose

Steem Cameroon is a national community for Cameroonian steemians that has as its principal objectives to raise awareness, recruit, mentor, curate and support Cameroonian steemians.
The community is unique in that it represents the country, Cameroon and It’s the only Steemit Community for Cameroon. The community is open to Cameroonian steemians and Cameroonians are encouraged to join the community because;

  1. The community provides opportunities for partnership via its 100K SP Shares Program wherein Cameroonian Steemians can own shares of the community hence be able to grow and earn from the Communities Shares Program. More details about the 100K Shares Program here:
  2. The community is providing high delegation rewards i.e. 01 Steem per 100 SP delegated per month. More details here:
  3. The community reviews and curates all her members' blogs/posts giving them feedback on how they can become better and successful steemians.
  4. The community promotes equity in the distribution of her @steemcurator04 and @booming upvotes
  5. The community organizes juicy and rewarding contests for her community members
  6. The community is the fastest growing Steemit community powering up at least 104 SBD from the Steemit Njangi/100K SP Shares Program with a pledge target of hitting 50K SP by December 2021.
  7. The community’s vision is inclusive, giving members the opportunity to lead the change and get amazing rewards.

Community Team

Cameroon initially had 03 Country Representatives and 01 MOD but due to inactivity and misconduct, one of our Country Representative’s @njiatanga has been indefinitely suspended from the Steem Cameroon Team.

Steem Cameroon now officially has two Country Representatives (@thegreens and @saxopedia) and one MOD (@fombae).
We will be recruiting 01 MOD to join our team in the days ahead.
All the members of our team are Cameroonians and native English speakers. We’re still volunteering while working on a rewards program for the team members who have dedicated their knowledge, time and talent to grow the community.

Community Curation Account

Steem Cameroon’s community curation account is @steem-cameroon and the account currently holds 12,625.01 SP (5,702.96 + 6,922.05 SP delegated).

As earlier mentioned, our approach to grow the Steem Cameroon Community account is inclusive wherein Cameroonian Steemians who are interested in acquiring shares of the community account have been given the opportunity to acquire shares and become official decision makers of the Steem Cameroon Community account. This method is known as the cooperative society method wherein we want Cameroonian steemians to become the owners of the account and contribute in decision making.
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-02 at 19.50.35.jpeg

This explains why we launched the 100K SP Shares Program which is powered by the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, a socio-economic initiative that pumps in 104SBD monthly for power-up. The Cameroon Steemit 100K SP Shares Program has 100 Shares of 1000SP each which have been given out to Cameroonian Steemians to pay for a maximum duration of 2 years.

56 Shares have already been claimed by 27 Cameroonian Steemians and we hope to give out 40 more shares to interested Cameroonian Steemians. These shareholders are expected to pump in 50K SP into the Steem Cameroon Community account by the end of May 2022 and 100K SP into the community account by the end of May 2023 against juicy annual rewards.
You can learn more about this initiative here:


Pixabay Image edited by @thegreens

Besides the 100K SP Shares Program which is powered by the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, we are also powering up our account via delegations and giving our delegators juicy rewards of 01 Steem per 100 SP delegated per month as you can read here;

We hope to review and encourage our members to delegate at least 20K SP by December 2021 so that we can achieve our 50K SP Pledge target as you can read here:
We pledged never to power down our community account and this explains why all after we have given out contest prizes, we use the remainder of our post payouts to power-up our community account. We are still working on a payment plan for the admins of our community account.
The country representatives @thegreens and @saxopedia as well as the MOD, @fombae all have access to voting with the community account as well as account keys and have even created a weekly blogs review and curation roster and you can read here:
The account’s Voting CSI score is 7.6 ( 0.00 % self, 74 upvotes, 42 accounts, last 7d ) and on average, 150 – 250 posts receive upvotes from the community account per week.

Plagiarism and Abuse


Pxfuel Image edited by @fombae

We just recently created the @steem-cameroon Plagiarism team comprising of;

  1. @saxopedia
    Completed Achievement Program
    Country Rep Cameroon
    Admin Steem Cameroon Community
    MOD (Greeter) Newcomer Community

  2. @fombae
    Completed Achievement Program
    MOD Steem Cameroon Community
    MOD (Greeter Helper) Newcomer Community

  3. @majerius
    Member of Steem Cameroon Community
    Achievement Program [Achievement 5(1)]

  4. @chant
    Member of Steem Cameroon Community.
    Completed Achievement Program

The team uses online tools to check plagiarism meanwhile we identify and register all Cameroonian steemians in our WhatsApp Group where we verify their identity and ensure they are not duplicating accounts.

The plagiarism team educates members of the community via comments and in the WhatsApp group of copyright-free images and sites to find such images such as,,,, In case any copyright image is detected, a comment is left as a reminder to the author.

You can learn more about how the Steem Cameroon Plagiarism team functions here:

Engagement and Commenting

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-21 at 21.42.08.jpeg

Ever since we created the Steem Cameroon Weekly Blogs Review and Curation Roster, we have been leaving a lot of feedback on the posts of Cameroonian Steemians. We are now commenting on over 80% of the posts in our community but most importantly reviewing the blogs of all the registered members of the Steem Cameroon community.

You can learn more about the Weekly Blogs Review and Curation Roster here:

Plans and Updates

We often posts plans and updates of our community using our community account on a weekly basis. We make sure that we provide reports of the different activities such as contests, the SP Achievement Pledge Program, the Power Up Challenge, the 100K SP Shares Project and the Cameroon Steemit Njangi immediately the reports are due.
All our community activities are reported using the community account, @steem-cameroon.

We have an SP Target roadmap for our community wherein we want to hit 100K SP in two years. This explains why we started the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program:

We even went further and pledged to hit 50K SP by December 2021 and you can read our plan here;

Image of @verlonji posing for @steem-cameroon. Photography and editing by @thegreens

However, we are currently working on a 5 years strategic plan (Cameroon Steemit Program) for @steem-cameroon. Summarized details of our strategic plan will be shared in one of our upcoming posts next week.


Out of Steem, we are promoting our community via football, radio, posters, flyers and Steemit trainings as you can see in some of the images below;


We are also actively promoting our community on social networking platforms and next week, we bring back the Cameroon Steemit Promo Contest, a contest aimed at promoting Steemit on other social networking platforms.

Within Steem, we are promoting our community via amazing contests organized strictly for members of our community, via active blogging as well as via our Delegations Reward Program that offers the best rewards to delegators.

Anything Else

We should be selected for the Communities Support Program because;

  1. We are the fastest growing community securing and powering up 108 SBD monthly from the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program
  2. We have solid and very reliable plan to build our community account to 100K SP in two years independent of Steemit Team support.
  3. We have innovative programs such as the Cameroon Steemit Njangi that economically empowers our members, the SP Achievement Pledge Program and coming up is the Steemit Newbies Encouragement Program.
  4. We are working on a 5 years strategic plan for Steem Cameroon known as the Cameroon Steemit Program
  5. We have experienced and well trained Steemians at the helm of leadership of our community who master the knowledge and art of steeming
  6. Our community blog is very active posting updates from our different initiatives.
  7. We encourage #steemexclusive posts in our community
  8. We're effective in communication and collaboration as well as supportive to each other in our community.

Compiled for @steem-cameroon by @thegreens

 2 years ago 

I must confess the post was long but worth reading.every line gave me the zeal to read.

Its a sad situation to hear a country representative being suspended.

After all we move.100k is our target.
I wish to say the power up pledge program is good but its advancement is really not seen. Members who pledge to write weekly reports i dont see. Are we moving or standing.

Country representatives are really working hard to publicize steemit. Your efforts are seen.

We move

 2 years ago 

This is really encouraging especially the plagiarism team
But if @booming account is more active that will help us to easily engage in power ups
Its not as if we dont want to but at times just to get 1 steem it takes atleast 4 weeks of consistent posting and 50 steem is the least to power up
Im just saying

 2 years ago 

Meeeeerde🙊this is amazing, steemcameroon Is rapidly growing oooh, powering up 104sbd just from steemit njangi monthly not even including other benefits.

I see Steemcameroon reaching higher heights with flying colors💃💃

 2 years ago 

Thanks to you the community members.

 2 years ago 

Wow am so impressed being a member in the cameroon community and seeing this I look up to completing my achievements and also to pledge so as to hit the target and I encourage everyone to stand up unite so as to grow

 2 years ago 

This is really a great initiative introduce by the steemit team to support communities, I'm very sure selecting steem Cameroon will just be a big step fot us achieving the 100K SP in no time. Steem Cameroon is working to be one of the trending communities on the platform.

Better days ahead, Steem On

 2 years ago 

I'm proud and I can boost of steemit and Steem Cameroon community anywhere, and anytime...

I can only wish us Best of luck to be selected as one of the community for the month of August..

Steem Cameroon 4 Ever🔥🔥

 2 years ago (edited)

Steem Cameroon is a very inclusive community and one i never fail to be active in. All it's contests are quite engaging and their programs wonderful. This community encourages it's members to power up their accounts and even offers advice and support. This can be seen in power up contests and in the sp achievement pledge program.

I hope we get selected so that we can receive the necessary support to reward active members providing quality content so that no quality post is over looked.

Best of luck @steem-cameroon😊

 2 years ago 

I love the spirit and innovative projects by the Cameroon Steem team. I am so sad to hear of the suspension of one of the Country representative. However, I believe it will forge us forward.

Amazing set up of the plagiarism team. It's high time we out quality to the fast growing and amazing community and shoe the world who we really are.

 2 years ago 

Such a long post but worth reading ...
@steem-cameroon is rapidly growing but its so sad to hear that @njiatanga one of our country representatives has been suspended.. he was very active before.. i wonder what went wrong... I'm going to play my part to make sure that we hit 100k sp. You guys are doing a great job

 2 years ago (edited)

With regards to the shares program, I think we are moving towards the right direction of strengthening the power of our community. However, we need support from steemit team to be able to go through. Without their support, it will be difficult for @Steem-Cameroon members to continue with the njangi program. It is our wish that our community should be selected for this month.
#cameroon #steem #affable

 2 years ago 

@steem-cameroon keeps winning... if I say I'm not scared of the dreams of this community... then I'm not being honest...
Appreciations to our country reps @saxopedia and @thegreens and MOD @fombae... You guys are just awesome
Lead us to promise land

 2 years ago 

Waouh! I think there are many things i didn't know about steem cameroon that I just saw on this post. I appreciate our representatives and MOD for this great job! I encountered a point that was raised here

All the members of our team are Cameroonians and native English speakers.

Well there are also french speaking steemians but they aren't that much active. I personally referred 2 of them and would like that maybe we say among the active cameroon steemians , we have no french speaking steemians.
you can find his intro post here We'll really need to work on the french aspect of the country because steem cameroon community keeps growing more and more.

Thanks again for this write up! I have learnt a lot
#affable #cameroon #twopercent

 2 years ago 

Cameroon is a bilingual country, Steem Cameroon Community is a host for both English and French speaking Cameroonians.

Good thing some of our administrators are bilingual.

Steem On

 2 years ago 

Wow what an interesting post. Steem Cameroon is really one of the fastest growing communities and I'm proud to be a part of it.

I hope Steemcameroon is selected as one of the communities of the month😁

 2 years ago 

Steem Cameroon is a place to be indeed!, wonderful write up, i love the Initiative put in place to check plagiarism which has become a disturbing issue here.

 2 years ago 

This is a very wonderful and mind opening post. The growth of our community is really fast and outstanding even with the high rate of inactive members.

I am praying hard that Grace may abide so I can be able to meet up all requirements for my own contribution to the growth of the @steem-cameroon community.

 2 years ago 

Wow! What a detailed plan for steem-cameroon. I have always believed in team work .And i believe promoting this community is for the good of individuals in this community...Kudos to those at the forefront.

 2 years ago 

Steem Cameroon on 🔥
We up and running

 2 years ago (edited)

Am so impressed with this ,Steem Cameroon is growing so fast than I could imagine
I wish this community is selected for the commuters of the month program . The country Rep. @thegreens is doing an excellent work and I wish him luck and courage to continue to work.
He doesn’t only work for his own benefits but for the benefits of the community and its members.
Thank you @thegreens and all our admins.
More power to your elbow
Long live Cameroon
Long live steemit.
Together we’re family ,let’s steem on.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations @steem-cameroon we are creating impact and leaving a trail. More grease

 2 years ago 

Wow it is so relieving to read this,the suspended representative it feels sad though. I i really learned a lot

 2 years ago 

Wow this is really amazing at least most people will be able to take time to produce good post without doing plagiarism in steem cameroon

 2 years ago 


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