Not My Fish!!! | 5 minute freewrite by @rosita-nkefor

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Not My Fish!!!


The loud cry was emitted by Mrs Achu as her eyes beheld the ghastly sight. In front of her lay her fish, fish she bought three days ago, and wanted it to be smoked. Fish that was so expensive these days that she was only able to get 5 medium sized mackerel for 2000 frs. 2000 frs for such a measly bundle. And here was her hard work and sacrifice, wasted.

Her loud shout did not only scare away the stray dog from eating the fish in the kitchen, but also alerted neighbours. All those who heard started rushing to the source to find out what had happened.

Ewane, who was engaged in a fierce game of dodging, was surprised to see her neighbours run towards their house. As she was focused, she did not hear the shout. So she immediately ran home.

Upon her arrival, she made her a through the small crowd only to be shocked by what was before her. There lied the fish her step mother had kept over the fireside to smoke, some in the wire basket, others half eaten on the ground.

And if her memory serves her well, she was asked to close the kitchen door earlier that morning. As the furious eyes of her mother met hers, she made a silent prayer that she would make it out in one piece.


I hope you all enjoyed the story. But I’d like to make a small confession. I cheated and went above five minutes 😭😭😭. Writing is so not easy for a slow poke like me. Working towards the better, see you next time.

Yours truly,


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