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Hello Friend's 👋,

Good morning to you all. It was a splendid night here with with me and I thank God for everything. I welcome you all to my blog today and It's another edition of my daily activities which I am very happy to be dropping it down . It's my diary game of yesterday Thursday 01/09/2022 which was
the first day of the month and a day I spend carrying out curational activities, MOD activities and also a day I spend very well with my friends and family

Dear Diary,

morning period 🌅

My day started very early in the morning at about 5 am when I woke up from sleep, I emmidiately went and eased myself then came and layed back on my bed since it wasn't dawn yet. While laying on my bed, I started transcribing my previous day diary and got finished in about 45mins time. When I got finished, I now carried out MOD activities at Steem4Bloggers community since it was my official day of moderator duty at the community. I verified and check on few articles

Done at the community, I now started checking articles under #Finance and #Technology for steemexclusive, bot free, club status and plagiarism free because it was my official day of curation with steemcurator05 account. When I checked on the articles, I didn't start healing yet because the accounts voting manna wasn't fully charged yet. So I decided to step out of bed and brushed my teeth then cleaned my face after which I took my breakfast then at about 9am, I started healing on posts I earlier checked and it was a success. I then decided to go for a break because it was almost 12 pm

Afternoon 🌞 period

While on break, my aunt send me to her plot where she is building a house to go check on how far it has gone because she will be soon roofing it. The new building is not far from where we stay at the moment and It took me just 5mins on foot to walk to the plot where she is building.

At the new building

Front viewSide viewback view
inside view inside view

As you can see above, that's the latest development of the house as the construction process is moving smoothly. It will soon be roofed. After checking on the latest updates about the new building, I went to the roadside side at my aunt's business place. The children always love being around me because I always love playing with them so much


After playing with the children, one of my new friend return back from the farm with fresh plums and casava, I followed him to his house since I love this combination very much. We peeled the cassava then boiled it and I roasted my own plums since I prefer the roasted one that boiling one (😂 "I be opposite man")

eating my casava and plums

After eating the food, there is a saying that "fruits after meal", so we decided to eat pineapple 🍍 which he also brought from the farm. I was the one who cleaned it

the pineapple we ate

Evening 🌆 Period

After eating, it was almost 5pm so I return to the house since I needed to continue with my curational activities. When I return home, I switched on my laptop computer and began curation again and finally got finished at about 7pm. I then prepared my final report and submitted to the rest of my group members to see.

Done with that, I then emmidiately took my bath and came back while my aunt had prepared casava and bitterleaf soup which I had to eat to my satisfaction since I love casava so much

casava and bitterleaf soup

After eating, started browsing as I chatted with alot of my friends online before finally crashing to bed at about 10pm


That was how my yesterday was spend dear friends. It was a great day spend as I was able to carry out an effective curation and I was also able to spend the day in a better way

My regards : @chiabertrand


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Peace & Love!

 2 years ago 

I can see your day was a busy curating post on fintech and at the same time going to your aunts building site check how far the building have gone .The best moments is when you are staying your house and not renting .I think aunts is anxiously waiting pack to the new house soon .Only enjoyment for you for you eeeh foods and fruits everywhere in your post .Have a nice day

 2 years ago 

Yes oooh my dear, it was quite a busy day for me because I spend it though out curating articles while also Moderating in other communities and also carrying out my daily activities.. but thank God that it was all a success day for me

Thanks so much for your valuable comments

Only enjoyment for you for you eeeh foods and fruits everywhere in your post .Have a nice day

Hahaha 🤣😂 I eat to live and my most precious moments are when I sending in something into my stomach

 2 years ago 

Very important our body enough needs enough food

 2 years ago 

I can see that you really have a lot of activity to carry out you were able to carry out the latest update as you were able to check how work is smoothly moving at the construction side as you after which you also had to go to your aunt business site at the road while having fun with the kids over over there
Also it so beautiful to see that went you guys finally return home , the house was full of joy as you people were eating good food while taking fruit.
Indeed you had a wonderful day my brother

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