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Hello Friend's 👋,

Good morning to you all. It was a splendid night here with with me and I thank God for everything. I welcome you all to my blog today and It's another edition of my daily activities which I am very happy to be dropping it down . It's my diary game of yesterday Friday 02/09/2022 which was a great day I spend

Dear Diary,

morning period 🌅

I woke up from bed at about 5am feeling much better, strong and healthy as compared to previous day. I emmidiately went and eased myself then return and started transcribing my previous day diary and it took me about 30 to be done and dusted. After that, I started entertaining myself with fun videos in my phone because I'm a fan of watching fun time videos

I watched the video for close to an hour before getting up from bed then brushed my teeth and wash my face. I had to split 🪓 firewood since it was my aunt that was cooking in the traditional meeting that held yesterday. It's a traditional meeting that represents our culture (KOM) here in Douala town and this meeting is held monthly . My aunt was the one hosting it this month so I had to help her split fire wood so that she could use and cook with it

After splitting the fire wood, I now rested and emmidiately went to the roadside and had my breakfast, as usual, it was bread, fried egg and spaghetti

my breakfast

After my breakfast, I return home and carried out MOD activity at the crypto academy as I verified and check on few posts there

Afternoon 🌞 period

In there afternoon, my aunt started cooking and preparing for the meeting. So I was there providing her assistant. Her closest neighbor was also there to help and assist her

my aunt and her neighbor in the kitchen cooking fufu corn

When they finish cooking corn-fufu, I carried it to the meeting house which is not very far from our house. I return and also took the soup the meeting house which was huckleberry (vegetables) or "njamanjam" as we locally call it.

After helping then out I then took my bath and ate my own fufu corn and vegetable. After eating, on going to the roadside, boi decided to follow me so I took him along and he was my mini tour partner at that moment. His name is Gracious and he loves always hanging out with my because I'm a fan of always buying him biscuits and sweets

Boi And I

While on our mini tour, I had to buy him some biscuits and entertain him with it then we later went to his mom(my aunt) business place and sat there for a while before going to the traditional meeting

at my aunt's business place

Evening 🌆 Period

In the evening at exactly 4pm, my aunt came to the road and we went to the meeting together since it was starting at 4pm.

at the meeting houseat the meeting house

The meeting started with fun racing and contributions for unforseen circumstances and for carrying out other financial projects. While the meeting was ongoing, we where entertained with Corn-beer (Shaa) and some other men where outside the kitchen roasting fowls so that it should be eaten along side with the fufu corn and vegetable

When the fowl was finally roasted, it was brought to the meeting room where it was chopped off into small peaces and the small peaces immersed inside a ball of red oil which was accompanied with maggi and salt. This combination gives what we call kahti-kahti


As you can see above, that is how Khati-Khati is prepared. Those who have tested this delicious delicacy like @rafk, @tangwe-rene @wyzcekunited can all testify how much this delicacy is super delicious 😋

After preparing the Khati-Khati, it was now served alongside with fufu corn and vegetable

my food without kahti-kahti

my food with Khati-Khati

After serving us with this delicious meal, I had to eat about 2 loafs of corn fufu and it was only when I finish eating that I realized I had ate in the house before going to the meeting. This means that I ate in total, 3 loafs of fufu within 3hours🙆🙆😂😂😂. Saaaaah I fear ma eating spirit yesterday nor😂

Item-11 was the last agenda at the meeting and when we finish eating, meeting was officially closed and we all return home.

I return home then rested well enough since my stomach was very heavy😂. At about 8pm, my ex-student general meeting started online on Whatsapp as it was planned. We held the meeting for about 2 hours then it got finished at 10pm and I emmidiately crashed to bed because I was feeling so dizzy 😵🥴


That was how my yesterday was spend dear friends. It was indeed a very beautiful and exciting day for me

My regards : @chiabertrand

 2 years ago 

I can see you had a very busy splitting fire wood to help your aunts to prepare food for Njangi.littleGracious is always beside you hanging out with uncle .Jamama and Kati kati is my favorites I hope you enjoyed being in midst of your fellow brothers inthe meeting

 2 years ago 

Yes ooh chéri, I'm glad I could help out my aunt in cooking through out. I was also chance to participate in the meeting which was great because I had to eat Khati-Khati and drink Sha😂🤣.. I wish to always participate in such meetings so that I could always eat such meals🤣

 2 years ago 

I can see that you had a very busy day splitting firewood for your aunt to use it and prepare food food for njanji.
Fufucorn and jamajama with Kati kati is my best food .
I must say that you are really doing well over there .after which you also had to have a walk with you ancle .
I also can see that you had to participate in the meeting just to enjoying yourself by eating and drinking
Wahoo who no like better thing

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