My Application For Country Representative For Cameroon || By @chiabertrand

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Hello @steemitblog,

Since I went through the latest update published by steemitblog on Steemit Update [ June 14th, 2022 ]: Country Representatives, I see the possible means of contributing and supporting this platform by continuing to be carrying out various activities which I always do since I was introduced to this platform. I have been observing the work of country representatives for some time now and I have found interest in becoming one since I admire their management and working system. I even wrote a proposed project about this here

I am one of the most active steemit members of my Country Cameroon. So with this, I would love to also contribute to being one of the Cameroonian country representatives so that I could use the opportunity to show my loyalty to this platform.

I am also an exclusive Steemit blogger which i spend most of my entire time in this platform reading, writing, commenting, and replying to articles across several communities. My engagement statistics can attest to this as I have become constant winners since season1 of the engagement challenge and I have never gone a day without participating in the challenge

By considering all my loyalty and integrity to this amazing platform, I will like to plan out with other selected Cameroonian country representatives in promoting and supporting new steemit projects such as Steemit Inc and Tron

Let me explain myself better in regards to the questions put in place by the Steemit team which is a proposal submission as a country representative for Cameroon, I will be answering the following questions

active on the platform for at least the past 3 months

Screenshot From my steemitblog

As you can see above, I have been active on the steemit platform for more than three months now. This deem me fit for the position of a CR as I already have one qualification

At least 1000 SP of their own (not delegated)

Screenshot From steemworld

I have a total SP of 10,317.28 and I have delegated 4,632.62 to other communities

A reputation of at least 60

Screenshot From steemworld

I have a reputation of 70.872 making me meet up with the requirement

Live permanently in the country they want to be a Country Rep for

My name is Chia Bertrand Fuchi and I come from Cameroon. I was born and raced in Cameroon and I have been here throughout my life. I don't have any intentions of traveling out of my country, so for now I am based only in my country Cameroon

Be fluent in the main language of the country they want to be a Country Rep for

My country is Bilingual and it happened that we speak both English and French as our two official languages. However, I am based in Bamenda where more than 85% of Steemians are living and I speak English fluently which is the official language spoken in my Region Bamenda

However, I also speak the French language fluently but, unfortunately, we don't have any French Steemian active as of now. I hope to spread the news about steemit to them soon

Have a CSI and voting pattern that demonstrates that they are already supporting other Steemians in the country they want to be a Country Rep for

Screenshot From steemworld

I have an overall CSI of 23.6 ( 0.93 % self, 181 upvotes, 130 accounts, last 7d )

Applicants should also be generally active in the wider community through curation, commenting, organizing contests, or other activities

I was introduced to this platform last year April. Since then, my hard work and consistency have never been slowed down as I have continually been active across several communities, not just @steem-cameroon since I was introduced to this platform. This explains why I became 5th overall winner in Steemit crypto academy season 6 and the most active student who created the highest number of contents during season5 and season6 of the crypto academy

Since the engagement challenge was launched, I became back-to-back winners in all the weeks in several communities and I was selected overall weekly winner on two occasions during season1. I have continued with the winning string this season2 as I was a winner in three communities in week1 Season2. All this shows my activeness and how I am dedicated to this platform

I joined the Quality Control Curation Team 3months ago and I have been involved in carrying out curational activities using the @steemcurator05 account which is focused mainly on curating articles under #Fintech. This has made me grow stronger 💪 and more professional with a lot of experience

I have also been trying to help my community with all the latest updates about steemitblog since I constantly visit it because of the love and concern I have for my community. As a curator with the Quality Control Team, I always make sure I give them guidelines and encourage them to be involved in the support program so that they can be receiving up-votes if should in case their articles meet the criterias. You can see my latest guidelines here : Guide Lines For Quality Control Team [Finance And Technology] For The Month Of JUNE By @chiabertrand

I have also been a sponsor of the Hall of Fame which is to encourage the kids in achieving their dreams in steeming life by delegating an amount of SP to all the winners. here is the latest Hall of Fame winner : The first hall of fame winner announced! 🎉🎉🦸

I have been promoting #steemit on sourceforge like in this : HAVE YOU SUPPORTED STEEMIT ON SOURCEFORGE? Please let's all support steemit on SOURCEFORGE after reading a post made by @the-gorilla here

I also support the #burnsteem25 program, this is why I was the first person to introduce it to my community in this post : Please Let's All Set 25% Off Our Post Payout To @null To Enhanced The Increase In STEEM price || the new initiative ||

Country Reps must also not have recently powered down and they should actively support the #club system. Preference will be given to applicants who are in #club75 or #club100

I have never been involved in power down since I was introduced to Steemit and I have no intentions of ever powering down my account because I have high plans of hitting an Orca status, 100K + SP in future

Talking about #club status, I have been in #club75 for more than 3 months now and I intend to step up to club100 as soon as I am financially stable which I am praying for it to happen soon

Why I think I would make a good Country Representative For Cameroon

I will become a good country representative because I'm a generous person who like encouraging people and seeing people succeed in life. I have countlessly delegated my SP to newbies who face difficulties and challenges during their early steeming journey as a result of low SP which they often go out of resource credit

I have also been involved in numerous giveaways to Steemians of my community and other communities which is as a result of encouraging them to grow and continue being active in Steemit Blockchain

I have a passion for always wanting to promote and encourage a lot of Steemians in my country to become reputable Steemians. This is why I have always been trying to recruit and mentor Steemians. So with me being a CR, it will give me an added advantage in carrying out steemit Promotional even just like this one : Promote Steem in your City and try to recruit a new user

Lastly, I will be involved in promotional activities in promoting steemit in my locality which is something that has hardly or scarcely been done. In carrying out this steemit promotion and sensitization, I will encourage every seeming to have at least any of the steemit promotion materials such as steemit t-shirt which I will come out with the design, steemit face cap, Promotional materials such as fliers, and Banners because this are effective measures in promoting steemit

With all what I have mentioned above, you will realize that I am into Steemit to work full time if I become a CR since I am an exclusive steemit blogger and I am out to promote and support new projects and initiatives launched by the Steemit Inc and Tron.


25% To Null

Greetings my friend, there is no doubt that you would be an excellent representative of your country; you have created a path of success in Steemit thanks to all the work you have done, and I know that with the experience you have, you would fulfill the task of CR perfectly. Many blessings 💕

 2 years ago 

Greetings @zmoreno, thanks for believing in me and wishing a success during this application. I am very grateful

 2 years ago 

Where is the ballots? I want to add my vote right now!

My best wishes for you! We all know what you can contribute as a country representative.
Keep on Steeming!

 2 years ago 

Woow i highly appreciate your vote and believe in me to serve as a country representative for Cameroon. I pray the Steemit team consider my application

Saludos amigo @chiabertrand. En Camerún hace falta que existan más representantes de países para apoyar más a sus usuarios.

Seguro de que hará una buena labor.


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

 2 years ago 

Thank you friend for the well wishes

 2 years ago 

From the questions posed by the steemit team, I can say you're more than 80% qualified to bea CR in steem-cameroon.

If consistency was a person in steemit I would proudly shout your name @chiabertrand, you've not only dedicated yourself into this Blockchain but you've also proven to be a guide who can help newbies and inactive steemians grow their steem power.

You're a motivation to me and I hope to pull the strings behind you to go this far in steemit. This is proven by the different quality Posts and votes you receive on a daily basis.

I wish you luck in your quest and I know you're capable of working towards your fellow cameroon steemians if given the honor .

 2 years ago 

Thank🙏 you for this wanderfull and beautiful comment my dear. I'm also glad you appreciate my exploits in here and this is what keeps me moving

I believe Cameroon will be engaged more into steeming if I am given the opportunity to serve as a country representative because I have a lot of work and projects to carryout if I am given this opportunity

 2 years ago 

Congratulations in advance @chiabertrand, with the above points you mentioned, to me you are qualified is remaining for you to have the name, i wish you the best.

 2 years ago 

Hahaha😊😊 thanks so much for this kind gesture and believe in me dear. I pray my application request be granted by the Steemit team

Woaooah, you are qualified for this post my dear friend. Many Cameronians needs embrace steemit like you. With you as the country rep, many people from your country will benefit from what team it has to offer.

 2 years ago 

Many thanks for the acknowledgement in my stay here on steemit and for my exploitation on the Blockchain. I also believe that more and more Cameroonian Steemian will be engaged more into steeming if I can become a CR for Cameroon because of my ambitions for steeming

Yes my dear. Many people from your Country will join Steemit if you are giving this privilege

 2 years ago 

From all what @chiabertrand just said I think this guy is more than 90%qualified to be a country representative.i am a blogger today in steemit blockchain is because of @chiabertrand and his encouragement and this is the kind of people cameroonian need to build up the platform .
This guy is willing to help newbies to growin the steeemit platform for he is so generous and pushed full and even ready help in what ever mean to see that each and every one grow to a higher high.
For I am a living testimony the very first time I enter steemit and join the platform for if not of @chiabertrand ,I will have abandoned the platform but due to his efforts am able to be where I am today and he is still ready to do more just to.see us reach that level we want to achieve.
I will be very much more relief if he is giving the CR possible for cameroon platform to start booming .
And I know he is going to do everything possible to get to that maximum level with the platform couple with the fact that ,his achievement and performance speak for himself.
I think cameroon need this greenlight for great changes

 2 years ago 

Wow bro I'm so much filled with joy after reading your comment. I am also glad that you where able to follow my advice all along as you have already achieved a lot of things on this platform despite you being just 3 months old

I hope as a country representative, I will be able to work with you and guid alot of other Steemians to grow because this is my primary aim as CR

Thanks so much for the well wishes

 2 years ago 

I am ready to work along side with you at any level and also at any course for us to help other steemiam to grow on the platform as far as steeming Is concerned and I pray as we are out with a good intension shall work with high inspiration and led the platform to a higher high and together shall we led steeming in cameroon to the highest level .

 2 years ago 

I Wish i had the Power to declare the results already. I would have declared you winner. To me, Some people like @chiabertrand should be appointed because of Their hard Work..(Machine Politics). On this note, i will like to say @chiabertrand is the Most favourite for this position and should be given the opportunity.

 2 years ago 

Hahaha bro I am hearing a new term today... Machine Politics🙆🙆🤣. I understand because you are a politician 🤣🤣... However, you are definitely speaking the truth

I really do appreciate your nice comments and we'll wishes

My dear, you are already meant for this position. Your profile is intimidating. Congratulations in advance dear. You've got my vote ✅

 2 years ago 

You always got my back mom.. that's why I always strive to work hard on this platform because great people like you admire my hardwork. I'm so much happy for your well wishes for me on this application

 2 years ago 

Congratulations in advance my brother. You deserve this post and i believe the God i serve will hand it to you and give you the wisdom it takes to do your work perfectly .
Once more congratulations in advance brother of mine

 2 years ago 

I'm glad for your support towards me on this application brother. May God grant my wishes as well as your wishes towards me on this CR application

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