My favorite and worst subjects and reasons why they are. By @calipo09

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Hi everyone! I deem it a great pleasure to participate in this great contest. Likes and dislikes are common characteristics of humans. Looking through and understanding this competition, the light is thrown on which subject one likes or dislikes. Back in my high school days I used to do nine (9) subjects in every year and these subjects were static (i.e. it never changed) till we completed our three-year stay. However, I developed love for most of the subjects and disliked a few which were quite a headache but I managed through.

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Mathematics is arguably my best subject I have ever liked. Its quite worrying and disturbing whenever I hear people saying they dislike mathematics just because its complex, difficult and many other reasons just to back their claim. Even though it’s obvious I don’t second them there is nothing I can do about it.
My love for mathematics came when I was about to write my final exam in the basic level, I was worried I would not do well in that particular exam but my guardian angel came to save me. My “ guardian angel ” was a teacher I was assigned to for him to take me through some classes and after that encounter with him, my mindset about mathematics changed and nurtured the love I have for mathematics today.
Moreover, growing up I loved everything which involved computer so I said I will go into computer science and computer science is built on a mathematics foundation and getting to know this fueled my love for mathematics. I can say beyond any reasonable doubt that, mathematics is the best among all.

My worst subject by far is Biology. I hate to say that biology is my worst subject but that’s the sad reality here and it needs to be told.

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Biology is one of the best subjects in the world however it does not fall on my radar. Biology became a turnoff subject for me due to the technicities and content overload. The subject is such a way that the definitions of terms are very rigid and one has to be able to write exactly what he sees in the book and this can be very tiring unlike mathematics where you have several alternatives to tackle a single question. As I stated earlier, I hate to say biology is my worst subject but sadly it does not get a space in my best or good subject status.

I will like to commend @thegreens and @steem-cameroon for coming up with this wonderful contest and I will like to invite @monster88, @illy123 and @muka to also participate in this wonderful contest.
Thank you for having time to go through this post.

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I love maths too 🤝. Even though I don’t hate biological science, I’ve never really done biology that deep. I believe maths increases one’ IQ😉

 last year 

It's like steem it has Maths guys all over, hahahaha me too bro maths is the plug

 last year 

I didn’t also like biology but it was better than French

 last year 

We are different oh, mathematics is instead my worst subject. biology as your worst subject is astonishing

 last year (edited)

Nice write up bro @calipo09

 last year 

To me biology is ok.but u see this very maths.hmm we are like parallel lines

 last year 

@calipo09 WTF😳mathematics you said is your favorite subject? Well done 👍

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very well noted

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