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Hello my people
It’s another day and I hope you are all doing great.
Here is my second entry post for this contest.

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The first screenshot above is a photo of my beautiful mother on her way back from church some few Sundays ago. She traveled to the village some weeks ago to harvest corn and Irish potatoes and I miss her a lot.

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The second screenshot above is an image of a group of men putting on an anxious face as if they are waiting for something or someone. I then remember when I used to go for a gig (live music jamming) and after jamming, we will be waiting for our payment anxiously but those in charge will keep on toiling with us which made us very angry.

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The third screenshot above is a flyer of the fireworks talent show organized by nezdag. The information on this flyer is just the benefits that the winner of this competition is going to have which is a free high definition video worth 400,000frs which will be done by Brainwork studio.

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The fourth screenshot above is actually connected to the third screenshot. The information written on the fourth screenshot is 404 BUSINESS GROUP and this group is the official sponsor of the fireworks talent show.

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The fifth and final screenshot above is the image of my beautiful niece. She is the daughter to my elder sister, whom I follow directly. Since my mum isn’t around, I had to go to mile 4 today and visit my siblings to see how they are doing and if they needed anything. This is actually an old pic tho, didn’t snap any with them due to power failure.

Thanks for your time


 4 months ago 

Your mother looks pretty young. Why did you not follow her to the village?

I know the feeling. Once, I performed for a show and waited for the organiser till almost midnight. They kept on claiming to be busy. It aches really. I almost cried

I have heard of the tarlent show. It is a great place to showcase yourself. Will you be a part?

Your niece is all grown up. I'm sure she's going to school now. I love how you care for your family. Family is the greatest gift for mankind.

 4 months ago 

Thank you very much @craxywriter
I couldn’t follow her to the village because I’m to resume school.

Seriously, when they want to invite you, they treat you like an egg, when the show is over, they treat you like trash.

Yes I’ll be there performing but not as a contestant,

Thank you, family for real is the greatest gift

 4 months ago 

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