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Hello @everyone. First of all, we want to thank the steemit team which is supporting us all time. As Steemit Team is very kind and changing the lives of the people.

As everyone knows that Steemit Tigers is part of the Communities Support Program and we are supporting all the active users by this wonderful program.

Todays Selected Posts For The Communities Support Program

As we select posts on daily basis for the Communities Support Program and steemit team appreciate those posts on daily basis.

  1. Thedairygame My Photography of Nature
    By @akmalshakir

  2. Bettelife With Steem The Diary Game by @raizeshan 24-04-2021
    By @raizeshan

  1. Best photography by ahmad faraz ||24-04-2021||
    By @ahmadfaraz

Rules For Communities Support Program

You can also avail this chance to get support from the steemit team by enrolling your posts for the Communities Support Program. But there are some rules and regulations to avail this chance. So stick with us as we are going to guide you about those rules and regulations. Some of the important rules are given below:

  • There are no limitations for the country or territory, as this community is for all the steemit family so anyone can avail this chance.

  • Publish #steemexclusive posts. steemexclusive means that your content should only be on the steemit. You cannot publish your content anywhere else.

  • Avoid cross-posting otherwise your post will be flagged.

  • You have to stay active here. Publish posts on daily basis and comments on other's posts of the new users and make connections with them.

  • Avoid Plagiarism (Do not copy other's content and images) otherwise you will be banned except to get support.

Special Thanks to the @booming accounts @booming01, @booming02, @booming03 and @booming04 for supporting us here.

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If you have any question or need of any kind of help then join our telegram or ask here in the comment section our team will respond you as early as possible.

Steemit Tigers


Very nice post
Ur post is nice and u r doing good task to support members

Your community support program is good.
And your work is really admireable.
You always maintain equality in supporting program in all the community posts. You are really a good person

Wow it is really a wonderful thing that my post has been selected for the booming curation and support program.

I am very excited that i will get support today from the steemit team. As the steemit team is always supporting me as well as all other steemians.

sucha a nice and good post

Your post is informative and strong content u have created in our community.
Its also Informative and nice pictures u have clicked for blog.
If u strong then we all community members were strong.
Best of luck.

You are the best person ❤ 💛
Good post i really appreciate your post

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