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Assalamu Alaikum.How are you?I Hope you are fine by the grace of almighty. I am also fine.



Today I have appeared to you with a witness promotional post. Hope you read the post till the end and stay with me with your valuable comments.

About Bangla.witness
Many of you may know and many don't know about @Bangla.Witness. A witness has been run from @amarbanglablog community named @bangla.witness. We have just started. Our current witness age is 44 days. That is just 14 days more than a month. Currently we are at number 15 in the witness list. If you want you can check here https://ecosynthesizer.com/steem/witnesses


screenshot taken from ecosynthesizer.com

That means you can understand how quickly we have built a strong position for ourselves. And this place certainly didn't just happen overnight. We need the support of good users like you to move forward.We want to build a friendly relationship with all of us on this platform.

Our 1st witness announcement posthttps://steemit.com/hive-102132/@bangla.witness/bangla-witness-announcement-voice-of-bengali-people

I can promise that our @bangla.witness will never give power down. And this witness will always work for various good projects and good works of Steemit. Bangla.Witness will never condone wrongdoing and will always look at the good side and strive for improvement. We need your help for these things.

I especially wants to thank @inspiracion . Because she allowed me to do this post and she support @bangla.witness. And as a reputed CR she felt Bangla.Witness deserves to get the Witness vote. For that she voted witness at @bangla.witness. I am really thankful to you dear @inspiracion .

Witness Team:

@rmeChief Supporter and Advisor, Founder-Amar Bangla Blog
@blacksTeam Leader, Founder-Beauty of Creativity & Executive Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@moh.arifVPS Host and Node Leader, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@dr-frankensteinOur Technical support Leader
@dev.supportersOur consultant team leader
@rex-sumonPromotion Manager and Decision Maker, Admin-Amar Bangla Blog
@hafizullahTeam Designer and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@winklesRegional Leader (IN) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@shuvo35Regional Leader (BD) and Decision Maker, Admin- Amar Bangla Blog
@faisalaminDeveloping & Technical Member, Executive Moderator- Beauty of Creativity
@nusuranurPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog
@kingporosPromotion and Communication Member, Moderator- Amar Bangla Blog

Especially the founder of this witness is @rme. Our community has had many good journeys and successes through Dada. Dada is going to be the initiator of many important steps in this platform. So we are very proud to have achieved success with his help.So I request you to join us by give witness vote on Bangla.Witness. So that you too can be a part of that good initiative.

We are slowly trying to build a beautiful environment on Steemit. Currently we have total six communities and every community is successfully running on this platform. That means all of you understand that we are achieving success, as well as gaining people's love. We need love and support from users like you. So I hope all are you will support us by give witness vote on @bangla.witness .

I want to see who stands by us for the development and improvement of this platform and we will always remember them. And will help them as much as possible. Because the result of everyone's contribution and love is @bangla.witness.

Important:Those who will vote their valuable witness vote in Bangla.Witness. Please let me know by commenting on this post.

🌸I want to give you an important good news on behalf of the founder of Amar Bangla Blog community. That is ,Sometimes we'll curate some posts from these communities that fully support our witness.

This is a small gift from us to support us.

Thank you for your valuable time.Hope to get your valuable witness vote in @bangla.witness.

Best Regards,

Moderator of @amarbanglablog
Moderator of @abuse-watcher
Promotion and Communication Member of @bangla.witness .

VOTE @bangla.witness as witness



SET @rme as your proxy


 last year 

Hello @nusuranur, I have been supporting @bangla.witness since its beginning for more than a month or so, and I am really surprised by how quickly they have positioned themselves, I congratulate you for this.

I wish you many successes..!

Thank you, I hope you will always be by our side.🤍

 last year 

Hi @nusuranur, I have supported @bangla.witness because he has good projects for the platform, I hope he has a lot of success. I wish him and the whole team the best 😊

 last year 

Hi @inspiracion , mam @event-horizon refers me to you. I want to discuss about Greeters. Kindly check your discord and respond me.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you so much.

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