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Hello Beautiful People!

I am very excited to take part in this contest because every once in a while we should look back and see what we have achieved through this contest I am sure I will be learning many things from myself the mistakes and the good things that I have a cube sometimes a mistake can teach you many things and sometimes something good is not that much good and you can learn from that as well so I am very happy to take part in this contest and I hope that you like my opinions and my post.

1.5 years ago when I started working on steam I was very new to everything I was new to writing I was new to creating a post I was new to imagining things and I was new to steam when I started working here I had no idea what will I talk about when I saw many people posting their daily diary now let me clarify this when I started working on the platform the diary game was already part of this platform so many people were posting their daily Diaries I still remember when I made my first diary or I tried to write a diary.

the first time when I started writing my day it was very hard because I had no idea which moments should I write in which moments should I ignore I always try to write a great diary not just a diary but a story that people can learn and people can enjoy the first diary was not that good I will be honest I wrote something which was not interested it was not to the point and which was not good at all.

As I wrote more and more I improved my writing improve and my mindset and to be honest I started doing many different things because of the diary game I started taking pictures of everything good and bad I started going outside for a walk just to make some content for my diary I started meeting my friends the diary game has changed many things in the life I look at everything with the perspective of others now I tried to take good pictures and I tried to do good things so that I can make good content.

Here are some points about how the diary game changed my life:

Improvement in my creative writing

As I said I was very new to writing and everything I used to write like only a little bit in my school but I never wrote like creative writing and its kind of creative writing when it comes to the diary I'm when I started doing it I started doing a little bit of research on how to write a proper diary which can bring some value to the people who are reading it and while writing my diary I use to take some lessons from YouTube on how Tu right now because of the diary game my English improve a lot and my creative writing also improve the Lord and that was a big change in my life now with that time I couldn't realize that but now when I look back I think it's all because of the diary game that I can now write almost any kind of post very easily.

Improvement in my English

When I started writing at that time I was very new to writing not just writing but my English was very weak at that time I couldn't even write a single paragraph so I used to take help of the translation tools to write off full posts now it wasn't my mistake but it was my first time I never had the opportunity to write on nobody ever told me to write anything in English so I started writing at first it was very bad I couldn't even write a single paragraph but it is I write more and more things got really interesting I started writing my diary games I started writing another post hi started participating in other contests and that was a huge help now it never happens midnight it takes a little bit of time and I would proudly say that it took time but I learned many things and now my English is improved a lot and I hope that I will learn more and more with time and improve my English more and all this happened because of the diary game.

Improved my reading skills

It was when I started writing I would just write it and posted directly but as people started reading my post they point out some really good points and mentioned all those points in the comment section now I kind of person I like it when people correct me because that is how you learn I started reading all my post after writing and reviewing them, again and again, I used to read all my post and that improve my reading skills a lot now whenever I write a diary game or any other post I read it and when I see something wrong I make a lot of change is now at first I would just right and posted directly so that is a big change and I would like to give all the credit to the diary game.

The most interesting moment in my diary game

This is the time when I had spent almost 6 or 7 months on this platform but till then I was learning one day when I turn 19 I'm made a diary about my birthday celebration and that was the first time a publicly posted it my birthday so I don't have any other social media accounts and that's why I never share my thoughts for the happiness of my birthday so that was the first time when I share something like that and to my surprise when I went to sleep and woke up the next day I opened my account and so a good and a very amazing response because the curator had gifted me and a pot and with that are very sweet comment which I wasn't expecting that was a beautiful surprise and because of that my post was trending on the main page because I got a 19% upvote which was a big deal for me and believe me that gave my the real motivation when @steemcurator01 himself wished my birthday and I speed up my activities.

My post was trending on the top for many days in the community and many people saw it and they gave me their best wishes many people became my friend because of that post and that was the most amazing and beautiful moment in the diary game till now I still remember that moment and that was the happiest moment in my diary game life.

I invite my friends @shohana1, @alena-vladi, and @faizanwrites to join the contest and share their experiences with The Diary Game.

#club75 🐬
Thank You So Much For Reading


thank you dear @janemorane for the invitation! I will cretainly try to find the time and write. I see that the diary really affected your life in a very good way and it is pleasant to see it. I read some of your diaries and it was really interesting for me to learn about your life as well as to learn about the culture and traditions of your country.

I have so much memories captured for my diary game and I am happy they are safe in the form of diary games on steemit.
Thanks for your beautiful words ❤️

 7 months ago 

Hi @janemorane

It's great that you learned a lot from the diary game as well as creative writing.
It's fun to learn and it's great that you celebrated your 19th birthday in such a beautiful and pleasant way.
Many good things you can learn and receive by sharing in the diary.

My friend, you need 97.28 Steem to be able to use the club75 tag. But I will place that you comply with clu5050.

Blessings to you.

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#steemexclusive: ✅Club5050: ✅Free-Plagiarism: ✅Free-bots: ✅

Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

Thank you so much, dear, Hence I am Club75 the rest of the transfers that I made are for the contest rewards that I organize in my respective communities.

 6 months ago 

Hello friend, I am glad that The Diary Game has helped you in many areas of your life and that it is a good motivation to maintain your activity within the platform.

Thank you for your participation in the contest, greetings and blessings!

Thank you so much for your lovely words dear friend, yes I always get the motivation to never left the platform.

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