SEC-S18-W5: Photographs and emotions [Viewing the camera's Eye]

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picture of me from my device

There's a saying that the eye of a camera is very colourful and clear and can bring out the individual in a person. Don't really understand this but it entails a lot though. This saying implies that a camera can create moments with its colours and warmth.

It can make someone that is ugly to be fine. It also has the ability of creating scenes that would be remembered for a lifetime. This the the camera I just came to fell in love with.

Not all phones has a good camera and not all good cameras are embedded in good phones. Let me take you to some interesting moments I've captured with my mobile phone's camera. This is the specific. I don't need a photo camera to create photo impressions. All I use is this small mobile device.

DeviceRedmi Note 12 Pro
Rare camera50 MP
Front camera16 MP
Editing AppLightroom
Specified cameraRedmi Camera
Photograph 1

The photograph shown as thumbnail portrays a picture of me in the garden with another person's mobile. The picture has it that I'm in a state of loneliness trying to use nature as a cover up and that's what was the case here. This background is a perfect place to meditate and it captures a silent emotion of luxury and depression. You have all the things in the world but there's no smile out on the face. Lonely at the top, a musician sung.

This focus on me and the picture settings used is portrait and the sun's reflection to give it something fitting. After the picture was captured, a little touch was placed on it to make it more exclusive, professional and momentous. Reflecting on this will help you see the details in this photograph. Instead of seeing pictures that are somehow opaque or cloudy, you can see the face clearly even if you zoom in.

The pimples on my face are completely washed or filtered out and blended in the smoothest of ways. This is the work of portrait, to hide all those facial spots. You won't want to see the original picture 😁.

Picture 2

A dolphin on steemit has been born, a user who through thorns and thistles set a target and was determined to hit his target even in the absence of good votes. Giving up wasn't a choice and now is the achievement, he collected the medal so to speak. It's been three years and his username is @bossj23. The joy of hitting a dolphin achievement can't be expressed in words especially if you have been struggling with no good results.

It's just like running from a distance to another distance and then getting a reward for diligence, patience and endurance. The emotions expressed is a positive emotion of;

  • love
  • joy
  • happiness
  • appreciation and gratitude to those who made it possible.

The Picture shown above portrays me in a pool actually enjoying my dolphin swim in the water. The excitement of getting to such height made me use 3 hours for swimming like a dolphin 🐬. The picture quality is so clear that it got everything crystal clear without cloudiness. The way it captured the water splashed and the photographer in charge shows professionalism in both the device and the person involved.


I then used my editing app to make everything exclusive including the colour of the pool. I made it so blue that someone may think the water is as clean and blue as the sky. It's more like using a photo camera to capture this moment.

Picture 3

When you're surrounded with people who has positive vibes, you can't become dull at any point in your life. The moments and emotions shared via photographs in the picture shown below is a positive emotion of happiness. When you do things together with people and you have one mind, there's always an increased chance of getting happy always.

Working out with steemians has been one of the best decision I've made this year and that's being captured on camera. The love is shown on this picture. It can't be expressed easily in words that's why there's always a capture to do the work.


These are exclusive shots from my mobile device. **People are always marveled when they see how brilliant my phone is giving moments that are clean and sr. In view to this, I'll invite @shohana1, @dove11 and @lhorgic to participate.

 29 days ago 

You have wonderful photographs in this post that probably as you suggested include a couple of Steemians. You have done a great job by editing the colors and I appreciate it. I did my post a couple of hours ago but I have used untouched photos.
Thanks for inviting me.

Let me slide into your post and check what you brought forward. Thanks for the commendation. Touched photos read meaning to my personality and work.

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

Just what have been waiting for, I was really waiting to see the kind of pictures you will talk about in this engagement challenge bro and I must confess that these pictures are very amazing.

Taking pictures is very important because we will need memories of these pictures someday. I wish you good luck in this engagement challenge. Check mine out 👇

You're absolutely right. We get out memories back from these pictures captured in our phones and one thing about good pictures is the fact that there are clear and the details are shown on the picture. Thanks for the comment. Let me check whether you have to offer. I have a picture for you as today is throwback Thursday.


Oh yes! We support ANY quality post and
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 25 days ago 

You have really written well friend, I really love that your first pics it remains me of one movie.

Wishing you all the best in this contest

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