SEC-S18-W4: My selfies and me [Keep Smiling, Stay Confident and Be Yourself]

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picture of me in the farm

Please let's take a selfie 🤳
Say hi to the camera 📸
Smile na. What kind of face is this?
There's no day a selfie isn't taken and this is mostly done by girls and some guys in rare occasions. I have been a great fan of selfies not until my camera got blue and didn't give me what I expected.

Ladies first, they do say.......On twitter, tiktok, Instagram, the population are mostly ladies than men. They like to be seen on the spotlight. They even use a ring like to support the selfie. What's a selfie?

A selfie is a digital form of photographing where the device used for this photographing has its camera switched from rear view to front view and the device is held like a mirror, showing the display of the holder in question. I'm not a selfie kind of person because I love using rear view to capture thoughts. This is a picture of my selfie device on set without a stick.

Device nameRedmi Note 12 Pro
Front view.. Selfie18MP
Rear view50MP
Selfie Photographer@bossj23

picture of my device

As this contest could have it, I'll be displaying lot of selfies scenes I've had with my new baby so to speak. The thumbnail shown above is a selfie of me in the farm. I love farming but don't always get to see people that captures me in the farm, so I capture myself on a platter. The selfie has me looking weird, smiling with my 32 teeths showing and holding my farm tools, ready for work.


I just had to do this that day as a source of motivation to me otherwise, my stay in that farm would be boring. My selfies motivate me. When you're on selfie and you see how sweet and handsome you are, you begin blushing and start giving the camera looks of different styles with your eyes, cheeks and hands etc.


Another selfie moment here is me with my phone in one hand and then got captured by pressing the shutter by the rear. This is a selfie of me in the farm taking some refreshments after a hectic work. This selfie picture reminds me of a very terrible moment that day. I had to work in the farm under the hot sun for 8 good hours without rest.

I literally felt it that day and made a vow that if I'm to visit the village, it won't be for farm work. We were to clear a large portion of land with big trees, land that's over 10 years. If I see this selfie moment, I'll surely remember

Selfie moment in school

In everything I do, I give myself a capture to mark important moments. This moment was captured via selfie when I had to buy a roadside food as early as 6Am in preparation for an exams by 7Am. I did sleep overnight on campus and waking up there was actually one of the best because I didn't want to take chances at home. If the people in this picture sees this selfie, they'll definitely remember there was such a moment like this. The life of university students


Another scenario on campus is a selfie of my colleagues and I in the laboratory.. This selfie is to capture the moment that we do go through thorns and thistles mixing chemicals in the laboratory but still smile thereafter. It's not easy to study a course called Chemistry or even physics as their practicals are hectic. There's something about this selfie, the smiles....😋 What I always look at in a selfie is my looks so I'll not be the ugly person on set. I'll give a perfect style probably with my hands or tongue.

PXL_20240110_133316564.PORTRAIT.jpgselfie by my colleagues
PXL_20240110_133055394.PORTRAIT.jpgSelfie with Bossj23
Selfie with steemians

Steemians are widely known for taking pictures of everything they see.. I know of someone name @uduak3287 who before joining steemit doesn't like to be seen on camera. Any selfie moments, he opts out but now, he's photogenic, a photo freak showing the impact of steemit to one's physical life. These selfie moments show the meetup we had in Uyo, Nigeria among steemians.


Those present were @ngoenyi, @goodybest, @mesola, @basil20, @okere-blessing and lot more. This selfie moment will definitely remind them of such a meetup that year.


Family is the best set of people to take a selfie with. I can literally imagine it the looks that would be shown by my humourous siblings. This is a selfie of my siblings on set. There's always a fake and genuine smile on selfie and you get to see yourself and those around you if you're looking good. My life has always resolved around taking photos and selfies in places I get to see no one that'll capture me is the best alternative.

Another selfie moment is between me and @whizzbro4eva. This is a Steemian I can't trade for any other because we both have gone through thistles together. He's one of the reasons I'm social and outspoken today. Meeting up with him is one of the best thing one can ever do. I remember this day I saw his new phone. He finally got a tool for steeming, so sitting out and talking things out was what we did that day with drinks that inspires 😁.

A selfie with my old device

This selfie was taken in the kitchen after preparing a meal to participate in an engagement challenge. Steemit made me cook food that day. I was a full chef in the house and will always remember that moment because that's what selfies are for. The picture below is gotten from my old device Infinix Smart 5 Pro.


Device nameInfinix smart 5 pro
Front view8 MP
Rear view16 MP

Who would want to take a selfie with me? You take selfies with celebrities as no one would capture you on set. That's the favour you do yourself. I took a selfie with a Steem representative this year, such an opportunity and privilege to be valued.

I invite @mellorando, @max-pro and @artist1111.


Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

You have captured great pictures that reminds you of some important moments. Do you know I lost that meet up pictures thanks for bringing it up again . I wish you success in this contest

Thanks a lot ma'am. Appreciated

All the moments you mentioned are well captured. I am captivated by the picture of the meetup and the chef selfie. See how small you are in the meet up picture. Oh, how time flies! And you surely looked like a chef in the cooking challenge picture.

You have done great and justice to this challenge. Weldone and success to you. Let me go and gather mine and make my own entry

Can't wait to read your entry....You definitely packs of pictures. Every moment if not captured won't be remembered easily and any picture not reflected on won't be remembered easily too. Thanks for the comment......

Your pictures are really amazing and most especially the last one which was snapped in the kitchen after preparing a meal...

Do you know how good chef work will fit you??🤔😊

Best wishes 🎉

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Hola amigo, tu teléfono nuevo es muy bonito, especialmente el color.

Yo también pienso que las fotos con la cámara trasera sale mucho mejor que con la cámara frontal.

Te gusta la agricultura, pero sin duda trabajanste duro, ocho horas seguidas.

Me gustan las fotos con tus compañeros de estudios y más aún la última foto con tu teléfono anterior, sin duda está muy divertida.

Me ha encantado tu entrada, por lo que deseo que tengas mucho éxito en el concurso.

Saludos cordiales.

Your selfie are really amazing, and i can say you are good in making styles with your cheeks eyes and hands especially that chef selfie, your new smartphone camara is really great in selfies i wish i could change mine just like that, but won't use if for farm selfie because am not good in farming like you do 😊

Wishing you best in this selfie contest

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