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Good evening fishing hobbyists.

Tonight we are writing again about the progress of Steem-fishing, currently we have 49 subscribers, and this is an early progress in our community.

And now we also get a delegation from a philanthropist, namely @muhibbuttabri. this is the first step towards a better direction in the future.

And we also hope that if there are other benefactors who want to give trust to the community, please just delegate to the main account or owner's account from the steem-fishing community.

and this is not a coercion, we only convey, maybe there is one of you who is generous who is willing and ready to develop together in the steem-fishing community.

And we also always remind all members who want to make posts in this steem-fishing community are welcome, and not only for members for all steemit users are also invited to write on this steem-fishing community.

We formed this community as a forum for writing for all members who have a hobby of fishing, this is in accordance with what we are witnessing today which is that there is not a single community that has become a forum for members who want to do or make a post about stories. or fishing experience.



And make a writing that is as good as possible or as interesting as possible, in order to make the readers of your writing more interested and you will later get an appropriate payment.




besides that we also remind all community members to always increase the strength of your account in order to become a more responsible and independent member in the future, and also don't withdraw all your income, become a member of club5050 club75 and club100.

this is in accordance with the rules that have been set by the steemit team, and hopefully that way you will get curation from @steemcurator01 and @booming01.

so for this post, and I thank you.


Special Thanks to :
@steemcurator01 & @steemcurator02
@steemitblog | @pennsif | @greenman



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