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Anyone shows interest on steemit dev group or steemit production??

Anyone likes to give community feedback, or anyone want to build a total new community with us ?

Anyone want to give us your brilliant mind on how to carve steemit ?

just Subscribe group and make post or leave any comment

check latest update

You can:

      latest update about steemit dev 
      latest update about steemit new feature
      give us your feedback
      give your innovate  idea 
      be part of core steemit core developer
      coding,  submit PR , a way to find your value in this community
      get possible reward from us  ```

   we will keep eye on this community.
   feel free to leave any comment

Thanks for creating this. I'd like to see Justin Sun posting his announcements on as well as Twitter and anywhere else he posts. In fact, if he would go a step further and exclusively start announcing them on I have no doubt it would drive tons of traffic to and bring in a lot of new users.

It would be great to have him post here and then paste the link in Twitter.
Then he wouldn’t be limited in how he can say by Twitter. And it would drive traffic to Steemit.

Exactly! It would be a win win. Hopefully this gets passed along to Justin Sun.

Hi @johndoe
I have tried to create a Steem-Tron trading pair on JustSwap and failed. The documentation says it’s permissionless but requires a smart contract dictating the relationship between Steem and Tron. I want to pay for a developer to create a Steem-Tron trading pair. I am writing the people on the platform who have code language experience.

Dang. Well keep up the good work! It is odd how much steem seems to be left out in the wind compared to the other projects in tron ecosystem, does it not?

I think I have some good news, and slightly bad news, but it appears from reading others blogs about the W project and rereading the documentation that all Tron blockchain based dApps including Just, JustSwap and any new DEFI opportunities on the Tron blockchain require Tron, the Tron blockchain Token, or Tron versions of ERC Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, called TRC10 and TRC20 Tokens on Tron blockchain.
I will write a post explaining this better.

I'd say we replace "communities feedback" community with "Steemit Dev Group" you created. The old one is sort of obsolete.

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 last year (edited)

good idea. I will take a look on how to do it

I'm intersted to be member of steemit group

Hello @spidemen
Thank you for creating this Community here on Steemit.

Old is old
Again I want to say old is backdated.
I hope we are going to get something new

Super!i like it.

Greetings friend.

I will be leaving my visualization on this topic.

Thank you for opening a space for the ideas of others.

hola soy nueva, me encantaria unirme a la comunidad
pero no sesi debo verificarme, o como comenzar

For sure . Me

I am in!

I would definitely try to add value based on my development, technical and product skills.

I have another question please.
I am attempting to create a Steem-TRX trading pair, on JustSwap to create a Liquidity Pool. But Steem isn’t on the token list and I don’t have a ; “Contract Address”, which it requires if it’s not on the list. Do you know how I may obtain this contract address. Justin Suns JustSwap video says we can add coins and there seems to be 50 plus pages of coin trading pairs, so it looks possible.
Thank you

Steem-Sun or Steem-TRX Trading pair on JustSwap

Hi @spidemen

I very much want to support and promote Steem-Tron.
I tried to create a trading pair Steem-Sun in JustSwap as the documentation says adding trading pairs is permissionless. But it requires the address of a smart contract defining the relationship between the New Token and TRX and from there it extrapolated the relationship with other Tokens in the platform. I don’t know where I would find such a smart contract address. ?

I know there is a Steem-TRX trading pair on Poloniex, so there might be a smart contract in their github, but I don’t know if it’s open source.

Did you look at the process to create a trading pair on JustSwap? Do you have any ideas how to accomplish this task?

Thank you.

reach out justswap team

I reread the JustSwap AMA and the JustSwap documentation.
Only TRC20 tokens can be listed and swapped.
TRC20 is the Tron equivalent of ERC20.

Do you know if process to create a Steem TRC20 is being developed?
Ideally we would love to be custodians of our Steem involved in the Swap.

@benson224 This is really good idea. Feel free to take a look.

 last year (edited)

Thank you for the wonderful dev group.

I have been developing Steemit Mobile app. which is called PlaySteemit.
Please check this out.

I would appreciate it if you support this project.

me! 🙋🏼‍♀️

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