Justlink---a bridge to Defi world

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Tron recently release a justlink, a truly amazing Defi product. It can provider trusted crypto pair price like BTC/USD. There are lots things we can do for Defi, like build different Dapp on justlink. or become a supernode.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 3.10.00 PM.png

Here is a useful post fo justlink: https://steemit.com/justlink/@justfans/justdefi-team-publish-the-oracle-justlink

There are lots useful document for how to become a node , or how to join justlink community. Like a telegram: https://t.me/justlinkofficial

How Justlink work:
Basically, it just get crypto price from several exchange and do aggregation like get media of those or any other algorithm. In this way, it can provider a trusted prices since there are some exchange may provider FAKE price in order to bring more customer. With justlink, everything is trustable. You can find a exchange which is most reliable price and trade.

How we can make money on justlink:

  1. become a supernode
  2. build a Dapp or useful tool.

Is it possible for STEEM to apply products in real world?

thanks for this information on Justlink