JustDefi team publish the Oracle: JustLInk

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I recently saw the justdefi team released an oracle project: justlink, here is the introduction:

JustLink is an Oracle and simplifies the communication with blockchains. This initial implementation is intended for use and review by developers, and will go on to form the basis for JustLink's decentralized oracle network. Further development of the JustLink Node and JustLink Network will happen here, if you are interested in contributing please contact us, email: [email protected]

The official website is : https://justlink.finance

Because I have been researching oracle projects before, I researched JustLink official website, and JustLink's code and documents, and found that the design of JustLink refers to the architecture of Chainlink. The oracle contracts send the price to the aggregator contract, the aggregator contract provides the function of price querying, The economic token is JST.

Disadvantages: there are not too many new things, more reference to existing oracle projects, the community is far less active than old projects such as Chainlink.

Advantages: A commonplace question, the price of the Ethereum contract fee is too expensive, JustLink is based on the TRON ​​public chain, the fee is lower, and the response speed is relatively timely.

This is the conclusion I have come to. From the official website, some supernodes in the Tron ​​ecosystem have jointly sponsored some trading pairs for users to try for free, and most of the oralce nodes also are built by mainstream projects in the Tron ​​ecosystem.

Is anyone interested in becoming an oracle node, let's apply together to see if we can become an officially certified reputation node and earn JST by feeding the price. The project is in its early stage, and if participate now, there may be a lot of benefits, everyone can Together, let us prosper the JustLink community


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