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RE: Steem Engagement Monitor Announcement | Check the activity of you favorite Steem Bloggers | By @alejos7ven

in Steemit Dev Group7 months ago

I found you @the-gorilla 👩‍💻 You just don’t need to type in @ in front of the screen name. My screen name also appears there. We both have collected points already. I reckon you didn’t appear there when you checked before writing this comment as this tool calculates the points weekly and starts from scratch on Monday. When you checked early this morning I haven’t yet commented for the day so this must be why my account didn’t come up. @chriddi still doesn’t appear but I think this is because of lack of comments today but I am pretty sure that many points will follow. So only the ones who are not blacklisted and have points will appear there.


Hihi, yes, this is the second comment of mine this day. Lack of time because the weather is that great... :-))
Though I need no competition. Most of my activity on the Steem is commenting - it's the kind of social activity that makes fun and that makes sense. This won't become more or less because of points.

Great comment.

Thank you.
But: Zero pints... 🤷‍♀️... 😂

Boo! 👎🏼 We should get bonus points for commenting without posting anything.

We should get bonus points for commenting without posting anything.

Indeed! No post means no cry for votes... 😂

Did I ever tell you that Steemit has become more fun since I got to know you?! (5 points for me... 😁 )

No, I don’t think you’ve ever told me that. If you did, I’m sure that would be worth lots of points (more than 5).

Ah you’re probably correct. That was my first comment this week so I wouldn’t have appeared. I wonder if it differentiates between comments that are long and have some substance and the “great post” that seem to crop up a lot.

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