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After the announcement from @steemitblog regarding the Steemit Engagement Challenge I was wondering How can I determine if an user is actively blogging and commenting to others? and 'til know I think there is not a way to check it in an easy way so I'm happy to present to you the brand new Steem Engagement Monitor which will be added directly to my website SteemSeven.

This tool will be pretty easy to use and so powerful to check the activity of every Steem user who is not involved in any bid bot service to keep our database clean and show only real activity there, this way the job mentioned above will be more simple. On my website you will find the Engagement global statics, where you will find this list.


The ranking of users will be determined by a simple point system where 1 post = 2 points and 1 comment = 1 point. This means that if you post 7 times in a week you will collect 14 points but if an user comment 70 times in a week will acumulate 70 points. This will help to determine who is blogging and who is supporting others.


I have included a search bar to find any user easily and get their interaction data without having to check the full list.


Blacklisted users

All delegators for the following accounts were blacklisted, which means that will not be monitored:

  • upvu
  • tipu
  • boomerang
  • justyy
  • robiniaswap
  • nutbox.mine

Aditionally, I have blacklisted a few accounts that I know that do autocomments to avoid this kind of accounts. These are:
alexmove.witness , ecosynthesizer, italygame, successgr.with, ilnegro, worldofxpilar, actifit, mikhaylovichbrin, jswit, steemcurator01, steemcurator02, steemcurator03, steemcurator04, steemcurator05, steemcurator06, steemcurator07, steemcurator08

I reserve the right to blacklist any user who is doing spam to increase their points, the main idea is collect all real engagement across the global community.

Feel free to drop your suggestions to improve it or if you find any bug let me know.



This is an interesting idea - I can't find a lot of authors that I know comment A LOT - are you filtering by the #engagementchallenge hashtag so users who naturally comment a lot more than they post (e.g. all of my accounts and people like @chriddi and @petface) aren't included at all?

I found you @the-gorilla 👩‍💻 You just don’t need to type in @ in front of the screen name. My screen name also appears there. We both have collected points already. I reckon you didn’t appear there when you checked before writing this comment as this tool calculates the points weekly and starts from scratch on Monday. When you checked early this morning I haven’t yet commented for the day so this must be why my account didn’t come up. @chriddi still doesn’t appear but I think this is because of lack of comments today but I am pretty sure that many points will follow. So only the ones who are not blacklisted and have points will appear there.

Hihi, yes, this is the second comment of mine this day. Lack of time because the weather is that great... :-))
Though I need no competition. Most of my activity on the Steem is commenting - it's the kind of social activity that makes fun and that makes sense. This won't become more or less because of points.

Great comment.

Thank you.
But: Zero pints... 🤷‍♀️... 😂

Boo! 👎🏼 We should get bonus points for commenting without posting anything.

We should get bonus points for commenting without posting anything.

Indeed! No post means no cry for votes... 😂

Did I ever tell you that Steemit has become more fun since I got to know you?! (5 points for me... 😁 )

No, I don’t think you’ve ever told me that. If you did, I’m sure that would be worth lots of points (more than 5).

Ah you’re probably correct. That was my first comment this week so I wouldn’t have appeared. I wonder if it differentiates between comments that are long and have some substance and the “great post” that seem to crop up a lot.

Yes, as petface said the bot started monitoring a few hours ago so you will appear in the system once you do something. Btw, accounts you mentioned are already listed

I have limited the list to the TOP 500, the other ones can be found using the search bar tool.

Any other suggestions is highly appreciated, I have a few ideas to improve it that I will add in the next days

My main suggestion would be introducing some more complex criteria - e.g. a minimum length (so “great post” doesn’t count) and additional points for longer (and presumably more meaningful) comments. I also set a limit on what each person can score for each post so that if 2 people just have a long, unrelated conversation, their score gets capped. I do something similar to this to review World Of Xpular’s top commenters and it filters out the spammers without manual intervention or blacklisting.

I also add bonus points for people who reply to comments that weren’t by the author. So rewarding people who not only read the post, but also take the time to read other people’s comments and join the conversation.

I find that these small changes help to differentiate between people who are commenting because they’ve “been told” to comment and those that comment because they’re interested and engaged 👍🏼

Very nice suggestions! Working on that, thanks for the feedback ✌🏻

You’re welcome 👍🏼 You’ll know when you look at the results whether it looks how you’d like it to so I’m sure you’ll be tweaking it 😊

I think posts should not get higher rates than comments.
When you really mean "engagement": the person who responds to others' posts shows more engagement than the person who posts one post after another.
Apart from that, I also think that "global engagement" should also be evaluated globally. It is not clear which criteria you use for the retrieval. Because I have definitely written more than one comment in the last week :-)

The bot started monitoring once the announcement was published

A commentary can take a few minutes while a post a lot of hours, 2 points is really few.

I have made another announcement including a few new rules,

Feel free to share a word with me if you have a doubt,

The bot started monitoring once the announcement was published

Thanks. That was not entirely clear until now.

A commentary can take a few minutes while a post a lot of hours

The ideal situation does not exist....
There are also (many) counter-examples for both (posts that written in a few minutes and comments that clould be a hole post).
I already seen your next level :-))

Yep, you are completely right, always not be like this, but it is in general lines. Anyway, I’m working to improve it with the time ^^

This is really wonderful 👍
Very good initiative here
An engagement tracker wow!!! who would have thought

Glad to receive your support

Excelente hijo me encanta esta nueva herramienta te felicito 🤗💓

Que Genial herramienta pronto la usaré.

waaoo increíble herramienta amigo, felicidades, sera de gran ayuda para todos..

Espero sea util

Excelente herramienta 🥳 me encanta


Esta es una gran herramienta, que seguro va a facilitar el proceso. Muchas gracias por este aporte.
Creo que usuarios como tu, que aportan a la plataforma es a quienes más deberían apoyar.

me siento honrado con tus palabras amigo... es sin duda un placer tratar de aportar algo buen a la plataforma... estoy alerta ante cualquier sugerencia, saludos

Una herramienta que nos será de gran utilidad a todos. Muchas gracias @alejos7ven, esto sí que está bueno, bueno no, buenísimo.

graciaaaaaaaaas cualquier inquietud puedes hacermela llegar,

Excelente Herramienta amigo @alejos7ven

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