SUT - Steemit New User Tracking feature - Release 0.1.1

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Steemit New User Tracking (#SUT)

As I am currently working on an experiment project i.e. New User Tracking. I would like to share an update on the same.

Steemit New User Tracking Url -

Release v0.1.1

The latest build v0.1.1 is deployed on production on 15 October 2020.



What's new

  • Added Start date and End date fields to search the newly registered users for the selected date range.
  • Added date picker on UI.
  • Displaying total users count for select date/range. (Users who have published at least 1 post.)
  • Newly registered Users are updated till 2020-10-15 14:32:57 UTC in the #SUT database.

Background Job - Dev environment

Below is the screenshot of the background console program which I ran on my local machine to update the latest records. It will be automated soon and will be deployed on Microsoft Azure.

background job to update the data in SUT with latest user records with their post details

Next Steps:

  • Background Job to keep updating this New User's list, Post Url automatically on a daily basis.
  • Login feature.
  • Display country information if available in User's profile.
  • Add background job to keep checking New Users post in case they publish their first post after 7 days, maybe till 2 weeks.
  • Show New Users list on a new page who has not posted any blog yet.
  • Active/dormant users list country-wise.
  • Develop a complete feature page to maintain the Greeted Users list by The Steem Greeter Fairy Team

The next set of activities will be defined later once the above is accomplished.

That was all the updates related to the Steemit New User Tracking application. I would really appreciate any feedback/suggestions on this.

Thank you!


**Note: All the screenshots are taken from Steemit New User Tracking application which is managed by me.

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This customizable feature(start/end date) will help a lot in tracking Newcomers and their activities. Ultimately it will help the Newcomers programs.

Thank you so much for this dedicated effort. You are the best product of the Newcomers program.

Steem on.

Thank you so much for this dedicated effort. You are the best product of the Newcomers program.

I agree with you on this.

Thank you @sapwood for your kind words.

Thank you for this. Great additions with the date range etc.

Hopefully we can find a way to get rid of the spam accounts soon.

One point - those with the LastActiveOn date of 01 January 1970 don't actually seem to have a first post - maybe some error trap needed for those.

Interestingly they also seem all to be spam accounts upon inspection - they have all resteemed one or two particular DTube posts.

These accounts include...

@blockchainisland @daesh @iraqandsyria @islamicstate @steemstate etc etc

They all have the same profile and unpleasant message.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thank you, @steemcurator01 and The Steemit Team.

Actually, Steem blockchain sets the default date for the last root post to 01 January 1970 for all users until they publish their first blog post and because of that, it's showing The LastActiveOn date of 01 January 1970. I am checking last post/root post time and assigning it to LastActiveOn field/property.


These users have just resteemed other post(Dtube), so Steem is not counting it as User's blog post or activity.

Yes, they all seem to be a spam account. I will add some logic to flag them as spam account.

Thank you for sharing feedback, I will keep improving #SUT.

Thank you for the update. I'm particularly looking forward to this feature

Active/dormant users list country-wise.

Thank you.

Sure, I will keep sharing updates on this.

I am planning, how to import all Newcomers' details first time and after that, we need to just keep adding Newcomers' so that on 1 click, it will show country-wise active/dormant users list.

Thanks for sharing news. Thank you for the update.

Thanks for the update. Hopefully, It will help to track newcomers activities.
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