SUT - Steemit New User Tracking feature - Release 0.1.0 - Deployed now.

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Steemit New User Tracking (#SUT)

As I am currently working on an experiment project i.e. New User Tracking. I would like to share an update on the same.

Steemit New User Tracking: Home Page

Release v0.1.0

Here is the Steemit New User Tracking application link -

#SUT is live now with the below features.

  • New users list is displayed in a grid view.
  • It's displaying the accounts/users who have published at least 1 post. Although, I have observed that the Spam accounts registration number is way higher than genuine accounts.
  • Account, Post link, Last Active On, is Greeted, Greeted By, Notes, is Spam Account, Registered On details are being displayed.
  • A basic spam detection probability logic (see explanation below) is implemented and the isSpamAccount checkbox is displayed as checked.
  • Steem Greeter team can update the isGreeted, GreetedBy, and Notes fields if they find the post valid or they could mark that as Spam.

New Users List

New User: Edit Screen

Spam Detection Logic

  • It checks hyperlink (http://) count more than 5 to flag as a Spam post
  • It checks post body content length of fewer than 25 characters.

Some observation

  • I found few new users have just posted with "I am a new user OR from xxxx - country".
  • Post contains less than 5 hyperlinks, sometimes only one but no meaningful content.

I need to improve this logic for better Spam detection.

The Steem Greeter Fairy Team

Greeter Fairy Team can go through the list of new users/their posts and can greet them if they find it valid/non-spammy. For now, I would suggest to keep maintaining it in the existing spreadsheet. I am planning to test and add relevant features to avoid spreadsheet in the future.

Next Steps:

  • Add Search parameters by account name/date or date range to start with.
  • Background Job to keep updating this New User's list on a daily basis.
  • Add background job to keep checking New Users post in case they publish their first post after 7 days, maybe till 2 weeks.
  • Show New Users list on a new page who has not posted any blog yet.
  • Develop a complete feature page to maintain the Greeted Users list by The Steem Greeter Fairy Team (avoid spreadsheet).

The next set of activities will be defined later once the above is accomplished.

I will publish a separate post with the details outlining the Azure hosting environment, SQL Server Database DTU limit, and basic tier cost of #SUT application.

That was all the updates related to the Steemit New User Tracking application. I would really appreciate any feedback/suggestions on this.

Thank you!


**Note: All the screenshots are taken from Steemit New User Tracking application which is managed by me.

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😃🤩 Thank you @neerajkr03 on for your work on this, I'm happy that you really take it into consideration and put it into work!
With this helpful tool, we hope that the front team The Fairy Greeters Team could catch the newcomers more efficiently and pass them to the Retention Team/Newcomers Achievement Program/Steemit Nursery/500SP Support Program successfully..

We looking forward to this progress and hopefully, everyone in The Steem Greeters Team members especially The Steem Greeters Fairy Team, can familiarize themselves with this tool.
@belenguerra @girolamomarotta @besticofinder @tocho2 @adeljose

Yes .. it will be very easy and time saving for us to find new comers than searching through tags and new posts . I need to learn it quickly 🤩

Great. Please let me know if you need any help.

Thank you!

Great work @neerajkr03! I'm going to take a look on seems awesome!!
Thanks to @justyy too! 👏

Wooow!! I've been looking at it and it's amazing!! Congratulations!! You are a genious @neerajkr03!!! 👏👏

Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you!

I will keep sharing progress on this and will add the required features one by one.
I recently shared around 10-15 newly registered (non-spam) account details with The Fairy Greeters Team and I think our team has greeted already all of them.

The Fairy Greeters Team can use #SUT to find more users who might need guidance.

This is excellent thank you.

Hopefully we will have some solution to the spam account problem shortly - although proving difficult to balance with keeping free instant signups!

Search by date range will be useful when you have a chance to add that.

Daily totals of all accounts & all non-spam accounts would be useful too.

Would greying out the whole line entry be useful once the IsSpamAccount box has been checked?

How often is the list refreshed?

Will the Steem Greeters have logins to edit?

Would it be useful for @steemcurator01 to have editing access as we check a lot of these accounts as well?

Thank you from the Steemit Team

(and thank you @justyy for the API)

Glad it helps!


Learnt new methodology today, thanks!

This is a really excellent development. I will go through it in detail, I will give my feedback later on.

Steem on.

Great job done by you 👏🏼😊👍

Welcome my dear friend 😊

This looks like a great project. I will visit it regularly and hope to see my account listed as a regular greater.

I added the site to my list of STEEM resources:

BTW: I would love to see some stats on the number of users and user retention. User Retention has been an achilles heel of SteemIt.

It might be interesting to add data about the language used in the posts. Thanks for the great tool.

Great content my friend

This will be of great use to us @neerajkr03, thank you...!

Excellent indeed that will be very useful for the whole team! Thanks for thinking about this!

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Great job @neerajkr03, it's a useful tool

Thank you.

I am continuously working on it and will keep sharing updates on the next releases of this tool with more useful features.