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Steemit New User Tracking (#SUT)

As I am currently working on an experiment project i.e. New User Tracking. I would like to share the #SUT production environment and hosting details.

Steemit New User Tracking Url -

Azure App Service


  • Location: East US
  • App Service Plan: F1:Free (60 minutes/day)
  • App Service Runtime Stack: .Net Core 3.1(LTS)
  • Monitoring: Application Insights

Azure SQL Database


  • Pricing Tier: Basic
  • DTU limit: 5 (minimum DTU starting limit)
  • Storage: 2GB

Compute Utilization: last 24 hours

Database Data Storage

Query Performance Insight: last 24 hours

Database Spending Rate and Forecast: Monthly

Thank you!


**Note: All the screenshots are taken from Steemit New User Tracking application Azure hosting account which is managed by me.

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Thank you for this.

It looks like it will have currently have a monthly cost of c 5 USD - is that correct?

The Steemit Team

Thank you so much.

Yes, the current azure hosting monthly cost would be approx 5 USD .

If daily use crosses 60 minutes then I need to upgrade the Azure App Service plan to next tier. I think currently it’s not regularly used by The Steem Greeter Fairy Team. We would observe the uses once team will start using daily basis to find and guide newly registered valid Users.

I will share the hosting server report on regular intervals. I think once below features will be added to #SUT, we may need to upgrade.

  • Login for Users
  • Background Job (schedule to run may be every 6 hours)
  • Maintain Newcomers achievement and 500 SP support program list on #SUT
  • Active/dormant Users country wise report

could you add a report function that can report all the spam users?

Thank you for your work and contributions to The Steem Greeters Project.

Thank you for your support and providing me the opportunity.