I change request "WooCommerce Steem Payment Method" plugin

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Hello all,
We can simply create a homepage using WordPress. And if you're selling something using WordPress, you can use STEEM or SBD to pay as "WooCommerce Steem Payment Method" plugins.



"woo-steem-payment-method" plugin provides payment service using Steem connector. But as you may know, the Steem Connector is currently out of service. And a new Steem connector, Steem Login Service, has been launched. (Thank you, for created good service @fabien, @futureshock and @future.witness)

We can modify the simple source code to apply the new Steem login to this plugin.

Download the plug-in,


$steemConnectUrl = “https://v2.steemconnect.com/sign/transfer?to=” . $payee . “&memo=” . $memo . “&amount=” . $amount . “%20″ . $amount_currency .”&redirect_uri=” . urlencode($this->get_return_url($order));


$steemConnectUrl = “https://steemlogin.com/sign/transfer?to=” . $payee . “&memo=” . $memo . “&amount=” . $amount . “%20″ . $amount_currency .”&redirect_uri=” . urlencode($this->get_return_url($order));

It is very simple, but with this you can continue to use this service using the steem login.

I have published the issue for this change, but I don't know when it will apply, so I use steemit to keep a record.
If you want to sell something using STEEM or SBD, try this WordPress plugin.

Then your business will shine even more at steemit.


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