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RE: Steem Photos contest #16-"Show the 5 best things you have " . || 25% [email protected]

in SteemPhotos8 months ago (edited)

Wow It’s an interesting contest. I Will try to participate. And i invited some friends to participate in this contest. @ashubaba01, @dove11, @aaru, @m-fdo, @pathanapsana, @shuvobd1, @jal08, @saintkelvin17


Thank you very much for inviting me. ranarahman (65)

 8 months ago 

Thank you for inviting me ☺️ I will try to participate in this contest ☺️

Thanks for your invite.

Yes offcourse, I'm glad to participate in the contest.
Thanks for invite me.

Thank you for inviting me

 8 months ago 

Thanks for invite, I have posted as you suggested. 👍

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