Communities and Cross Posting Made Ridiculously Simple for Everyone!

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When I first joined steemit, I found it pretty difficult like every new user to get going, to get curation, to earn anything significant. I kept posting original content kept reading blogs of more established users and learning what steem, steem power, sbd etc etc were. Yes, even these were extremely confusing for me at the start. When I first joined steemit back in mid 2017, I knew no one. There were no communities trying to help and curate new comers or give them a boost. I had no idea discord existed!

So you understand how lonely and how lost in the sea I was! I had to learn everything by myself. And after I solved some of the mysteries of the steem blockchain, I thought, well there will be many others like me who will have no one to teach them. I decided to make a post explaining all the complicated stuff in a very easily readable way for beginners. I think the post was titled Steem, SBD and Steem Power Made Ridiculously Simple for Beginners. And this was in fact the post that lifted my steemit career! I got some nice upvotes, made like $17-18 (might not seem much, but at that point when I was about to quit steemit, that was Jackpot!). It actually became a series of posts! Yeah, I have a habit of making series-es, as you have seen in my blog!


Why the Long introduction?

Well with so many new features and so much confusion even among regular steemians, it seems like a good idea to reach back to my roots for once! Why not bring back the Ridiculously Simple series! A reboot if you may!

So let's dive in then!

Where the hell did my posts go? Not to your blog!

First things first. Now there are a lot of front-ends to the steem blockchain, not just
What are front-ends - basically anything and every other platform you are using, @esteem,,,,,, dtube, 3speak, you name it! They're all different front-ends on the steem blockchain.

Up until now, anything you posted on any of these front-ends would show up on you blog. But from today on wards it won't. As simple as that. Why?

Because has separated your blog and posts. Anything you post on any front-end will be in the posts section. Only what you post/do from website will appear in your blog. If you want the other posts to show up on you blog too, you have to resteem that post from the website. Remember? Only what you do from will show up on your blog.



This I guess a lot of people are already familiar, with thanks to the beta testing on the steemit beta site prior to the launch. Communities are basically like your facebook groups. Instead of posting something to your wall on facebook, if you post it directly to the group, it makes it much easier for people in that group to come across your post. And now we have communities that focus on curating good content posted to their communities, hence the urge to post directly to the community. To make thing even clearer, say for example a community of science, like @steemstem, will only be curating good science content. So if you have good science content, post it to the steemstem community where people are looking to read science contents and you'll have much higher chances of getting an audience for your content. So for your science, you won't be posting in a community that appreciates art, right!

That's basically the concept of communities. Posting content for like-minded people! Your photography, post it to a photography community and so on. You have some original good content and can't figure out which niche it fits, post to the OCD Community where they're looking for a diverse range of original content. You get the idea.

How to post to a community

  • You directly go to the community feature on the steemit website, find your community of interest and subscribe. If you click on My Communities you'll see the communities you've already subscribed to.



Click on new post and post directly to the community.

  • You go to your blog and write a post as usual, just add the community hive tag (you can find this from anyone in the respective communities' discord) as your FIRST TAG. Whatever is the first tag, that's the only community you're posting to.

  • Some communities have their own front-end. The two I'm aware of and have used are Neoxian City and SteemStem. If you're using such front-ends, your first tag will automatically be the tag of these communities. So for example you love posting using these interfaces, but for this specific post you wanna post in another community, what do you do! Up until now, there wasn't much you could do. You had choose either one of these communities because the First Tag is what mattered and you can have only one first tag.

This is where Cross Posting comes to the rescue!

Cross Posting

Now this is getting everyone go nuts! Some out of excitement, some out of confusion!

First thing, This feature is available only on the Steempeak Beta website.

Now what exactly is cross posting? This in simplest of terms, allows you to post to Two different communities. How do you do it, I'll get to that in a bit. Stick with me for a while!

So say for example you posted something to one of the front-ends that you enjoy or have a lot of friends. But your content is also suitable and like to get you more readers and maybe curation from another community as well, who appreciates content like the one you have posted.

Now you login to the Steempeak beta website and go to your profile and find the post you wanna cross post.


Click this and select Cross Post.


Select the community you wanna cross post this in. Then Write something about the post or why you wanna share it to this other community or anything meaningful. Keep it very short. Then Click confirm. You're done!

  • You need to understand that after you have cross posted, the post are going to appear in two differrent communities and you upvotes and curation value in one community is not going to show up in the post in the other community.


This is one of my posts shared in the neoxian community.

Here's the post cross posted to the OCD Community.


  • One thing you must be aware of is that, when you cross post to a second community, whatever author reward you get from curation in the cross posted community, 5% will go to the second community by default. Note however that, whatever you earn from curation in the first community will not be affected.

  • You can also cross post for someone else. For example you come across a great post in a community and you feel there's another community out there as well who would appreciate this content, you can cross post that post to a second community and you don't need any permission from the author (I think) but it's nice to let him know that you enjoyed the content and wanna share to another community.

When you do this, whatever comes from the curation reward, 5% goes to the second community by default. You get 5% of the payout and the original author get 90% of the payout. Again, the payout from curation in the first community it was posted to, remains unaffected so it's a win-win for the author! Here you have the option to choose to not accept the 5% that you would be given and select Burn option which will appear when you're cross posting someone else's post.

  • Finally, when you cross post something from steempeak beta, it is NOT going to show up on you blog. It will be in the posts section!

I guess that's all I have to explain for the moment! If you enjoyed this and found this helpful, feel free to cross share the post to different communities! Make sure to follow me @simplifylife I'm a doctor and I post a lot of cool day to day medical and health related stuff. If that's something that interests you, go check my blog!

P.S. : This post was posted directly into the BDCommunity and will be Cross Posted to the OCDCommunity. So please do not cross post to any of these communities.

Until Next Time!



Thanks for explaining it well. I think I will post from steemit now.

You’re welcome :)
Whatever front end you post from, make sure your first tag is one of the communities tag.

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Thank you, great explanation of the new communities

Glad you found this helpful 😁


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Thank you for this post. It is difficult to find good information on these changes. I have been having friends and family doing test posts for me in my hive community to get a better understanding. I am slowly gaining an understanding (maybe).

I hope you do more posts like this (a series) to help us all learn more about these changes. I will read this post again and think I may leave a link to it in my weekend post when I discuss my hive-community.

Your experience when you started on the Steemit platform sounds very familiar. I actually did quit in frustrations for 3 months. I am not sure why I tried it again, but when I came back I decided I wanted to be able to help others. I also found my niche for posting. I try to encourage newcomers and offer guidance. To me that has made all the difference in the world.

Thanks for the explanation here. Can't help that this whole not appearing in your own blog thing is going to confuse everyone.

But here's hoping it's for the best!

Yes. I have mixed feelings about this one. While it is confusing, it also helps prevent clogging up your blog with the same posts over and over because everyone will now be cross posting. So that part, I like it because even when I cross post something, it doesn’t make the same post appear twice on my blog and instead the cross postvstays in the posts section.

Then again, everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages!

This is a Good post by all means... Really love the simplicity of this.

You just made it easier for me to understand what this cross posting is all about. Have tried the feature and it's really amazing.

I would love you to probably still in future shed more light on this SMTs and how one can trade it on steemengine, quite confused.

Thanks for this post, it really made my day seeing it now.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Yes i definitely will once SMTs are launched!

I will be anxiously waiting 😊

Nice learning. Thanks for the effort to share an important writing to the community. Followed you to get such important updates.

Thank you for dropping by! I'm glad you found this helpful!

Now I am more clear about the cross post system. Thanks for make it easy.

You're welcome brother. I'm glad you found this helpful 😃

It was difficult to get started, I agree.

Great Post! Thank you so much for explaining how the communities and cross-posting works. I have learned a lot!
I have a question: The new GUI shows under the nickname on the right a number, like in my case "#1,191"
Do you know what that means?

bildschirmdruck 20200221 002.jpg

That is your overall rank on the steem blockchain based on your total steem power (your own sp + sp delegated to you).

WOW, thank you, good to know! Is there a site to this ranking? It is not showing on steemitboard.

I haven’t come across any list where there’s the overall ranking. I don’t think there is and I would prefer if there wasn’t... Keeping the mystery!

Thank you! 💚 😊

Nice, this actually did clarify things for lazy old me =)

Thanks for the steemstem namedrop too =P RESTEEMED

Awesome! Thanks for the resteem :D

Glad you found this helpful!

Excellent, but I have a question ....
In the case of those published by the steempress platform ...
In this case, steempress orders the labels alphabetically, that is, I could not place a hive in the first label if I use another label that starts for example with the letter "C" because steempress is going to place as the first label the one with the letter "C "and then place the "hive-" label.
So how could I do in that case, because if I don't publish from the steempress platform I would not receive the steempress vote.

I haven’t used steempress, but I think when you post from steempress, the first tag automatically becomes

What I suggest is after you post from steempress, then you cross post to the community you want to.

I just found out about you discord a few days back and I really admire what you have been doing! I do post my links on your discord and I'm so glad that you found this post helpful.

Yes, if more confusing features are rolled out in the coming days I will continue with this series.

I did in fact quit for a few months too, out of frustration. Which is why I can fully appreciate the weight of the help You're providing new authors reach an audience, get some curation and an incentive to keep posting, something we didn’t have in our early days. I hope to catch up with you more in the coming days.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thank you for replying. Hopefully you will get more of your posts curated by us. We do as many as we can in a week and I know some may be missed.

I am very happy I came back to Steemit. I have worked in helping profession, mostly as a Rehabilitation Counselor, for over 50 years, so once I changed my mind set to "helping" here on Steemit things fell in place for me. It has been great getting to know so many people from all over the world. It is also wonderful when I see someone improve enough they tend to go off in their own direction. When I see the quality work they do now I know I am on track.

Wow, what kind of rehabilitation counselling did you do? Pardon me, this spurred my interest as a Doctor!

My specialty was vocational rehabilitation, and I further certified in doing vocational evaluations for those with injuries and/or disabilities. My task was to work with someone to find a new career that they could do even though they had a disability (taking into account the medical and/or mental health limitation brought on by the disability). I used testing and counseling during this process. I also worked with youth with disabilities who were transitioning to higher education or work. I did this work for around 36 years, 32 of which I was in private practice.

I closed my private practice when my wife's disabilities caught up with her and she was in a rehabilitation hospital for 3 weeks. She had not been taking care of herself and with my long hours I was not paying attention. She was in early kidney failure and addicted to opiod medications. She got off of those medications which has helped but her health is still frail.

We had an in-home care business where my wife took care of disabled adults. We were close to getting closed down because she was not doing everything she was suppose to. I knew I would be caring for her when she got home from hospital so I had the in-home care switched to my name and shut down my practice. We had three disabled ladies at the time, and one passed away during the first month due to congestive heart failure. I have continued caring for the other two and of course my wife. My wife now has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. I cannot afford to retire and had planned on working into my 70's to continue saving. Becoming the primary caregiver allows me to be home to care for my wife and continue having an income.

One of the ladies we care for has been with us 18 years and she has only known living at home and with us. She functions at about a 2 year old level. I do not think she could handle the change if she had to be moved somewhere else. I am in excellent health for my age, so have not put a time limit on how long we will continue in this work. It is possible I can continue as care provider throughout my 70's (I am not quite 70 yet). We have been doing this for around 27 years now.

That is probably more information than you wanted but it is a summary. Prior to getting my Master's Degree I spent years working as a physical therapy assistant and occupational therapy assistant. I was attracted to the vocational model knowing I would bring a lot with me from the years working in hospitals.

Sometimes I miss the counseling work, but then it was extremely stressful. Recently a colleague had a severe stroke and died. She was my age. When that happened I realized things worked out for the best for me in leaving that work. I had told her when I left that the stress was taking its toll. I sure wish she had retired when I left. But life goes on.

Sorry about the length of this.

This was wonderful to read! Thank you so much for sharing.

Have you considered writing about these experiences as a part of your blog? I'm sure with the experience you have, we'd learn some wonderful lessons.

I always say textbooks can never teach you what experience will. So I'd be really into reading your experiences if you decide to start writing about them. We can all take a few life lessons!

Have a good day Sir!

Wow, all I was looking for was some guidance about cross posting and ended up reading this, I agree with @simplifylife your experiences would make a great blog, honest and open your words struck a chord with me, you seem to have given a lot of yourself and i'm pretty sure people would love to know more, your knowledge and compassion for others shines through, I was touched by how candid you are. The world needs more people like you, I will follow you and hopefully learn some more thank you. @biggypauls

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I'm getting a little bit of flak for doing this. It seems cross-posting your own posts is another one of those weird Steem taboos. I just thought of it as a good way to get more eyes on my posts, but now it seems to attract downvotes.

I think it depends on the communities. Some communities allow it, some doesn’t. So before cross posting it’s always nice to talk to the mods on discord whether it is allowed in their community.

Thanks for the explanation I will give your suggestions a try.

Thank you for this post, I created an account this week, still I have not found a way to change my profile picture and background picture. I read many blogs on steemit. But all posts are helpless.

Even I went through the steemit guide document, but it was different from what I got.

Please check the attached image, you can see there are no options to change profile and background pictures.

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