Year 4000 A.D. (Science fiction)

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Year 4000 A.D.

The remains of civilization are found underground, in bunkers and caves, in space, in space stations that have served as coffers, after the destruction of the planet, the product of war and the use of weapons of destruction that have transformed it into thousands of arid islands.

The continents disappeared just like the ozone layer and oxygen has become very tenuous, which is why the artificial generation of oxygen in pressurized spaces has kept alive a tiny group of people in relation to the previous world population.

The incursions towards the surface are scarce and terraforming what remains is a long-term mission that does not have the necessary resources to carry it out, which is why the coffers that are orbiting the planet, like artificial moons, are the last hope so that man does not disappear from the universe.

The space stations on Mars, using robotic androids that have traveled for more than fifty years all over the land has proven that it is uninhabitable for the human species, which would have to live, just as it does at this time in pressurized colonies that without the backing of the resources they owned and only with the control of them from space, it would be almost impossible to carry out a massive movement of people there.

The ships with antimatter propulsion have managed to cross the solar system and obtain a planet similar to the earth in the constellation of Leo, 120 light years away, with water and possibly inhabited by some type of creatures, but the records of those discoveries were destroyed and the two androids that arrived there are lost in their surface.

To be able to retrieve that information and recover the technology of propulsion with antimatter to be placed in some ark with humans is the last chance we have, which is why the boundaries between countries have disappeared and all survivors have been forced to create a single state.

Everyone is waiting for a miracle so that humanity can be saved.


photo looks the same as the forest near Verdun after the artillery gunfire.

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