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The goal of the BDCommunity is to establish a strong bond in the Steem Blockchain and to support especially Bangladeshi steemians. BDCommunity rewards members for the wonderful contents they produce. The community always addresses important complexion regarding the overall quality of a post that goes beyond any informative content, and also exhibit how to maintain the standard.

In order to achieve better results regarding the quality of the content, our team members read many posts every day. We believe that the curation of content, adding the greatest value on Steem. To inspire and support those authors for putting their effort we support over 12 content daily and approximate 84 plus quality contents per week.


A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original content. Articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, religious etc. We prefer Bangla and English language. Good and quality content is relatively easy to create. A low quality and plagiarized article fall flat. A strong article develops the chance of getting support, changes minds, gains followers, carries weight. Of course, everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

We release every week the list of authors who have caught the attention of the curation team.

Golden hour || Enjoying sunset amid the coronavirus fear


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Hello friends, Hope you all are well. Today I am travelling 300 kilometres amidst the coronavirus fear. Yes, the entire world is in fear and taking precautions to be safe from this virus. However, today I am travelling to Barisal, one of the southern districts of the country. It is 6-7 hours journey...

We need to STOP acting STUPID! Corona is in Bangladesh and it's upto us to prevent an outbreak!


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This is going to be a really short post. This is to raise a little bit of awareness among the Bangladeshis regarding the corona situation. As a Doctor I feel this is important I inform you guys where we're headed, just because of a few ignorant people. You guys already know the regular measures....

Walk to a Waterfall


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Inspired by #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay All photos featured are from my collection. Wayback Wednesday to our walk to Kabigan Falls, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. I'm not going to pretend that all is well where I am. We're under an enhanced community quarantine. It gets more restrictive every day...

unique and small orange insect


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unique and small orange insect today, I will show again, insects that have an orange color, and have a very small body, with a characteristic color that is very bright, able to fly and disappear, in an instant, which we do not know of its existence. types of insects, what I mean here are insects...

A Witch in the Kitchen: Delicious and Easy Greek Yogurt to Strengthen Our Immune System



Hello My Dear Little Witches... These first days of quarantine have been a bit stressful, although I am not much of a street person, my family is, my brothers work and have to go out every day, so the confinement has them like caged lions, my parents, although they don't go out much the only fact...

The Hike from Afur to Taganana


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Read "The Hike from Afur to Taganana" on for the best experience A time-worn path brought us from the village of Afur, along the coastline to Taganana, and then back to Afur through the forests and hills of the Anaga natural reserve. With perfect weather, a well-marked trail, glorious...

From March 15, 2020 to March 22, 2020, we rewarded 3 unique authors who have produced quality content. The 3 authors who received votes from @bdcommunity and the trail are:

@madushanka, @sultan-aceh, @olaexcel

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